Friday, January 20, 2006

Lorna Dee Cervantes - "Coffee" On NPR - Latino USA - Today

You can hear an exerpt from part 2 of my poem, "Coffee" on NPR's Latino USA with an intro by Maria Martin beginning today. You can check the schedule for when it might air near you. Elsewise, you can podcast just the poem or the show. You can listen to it here, I think. They will be airing it all week and more links are at their website.


Blogger el Bloguista said...

I just listened to the Latino USA segment during which you read from "Coffee". It was very moving. Your Indian woman with child at breast with rifle to head, representing 500 years of history came minutes after I had just read Evo Morales' inauguration speech, in which he talks of the indigenous peoples beginning a new era of history in the Americas.
I am a high school Spanish teacher in Atlanta, planning a unit for my 10th graders on coffee, fair trade and indigenous rights, focussing mainly on Guatemala. I would love to read the whole text of your poem - where can i find it?
Rob Curran

23/1/06 11:54  

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