Monday, January 16, 2006

"Unconscious Mutterings #152 On 1/16/06"

  1. Celebrate:: the need to grate.
  2. Resolve: to rasp, to better.
  3. I need to:: feel the thumb on the spine,
  4. Call:: the feather weight home to my
  5. Token:: thigh -- with high hope, I
  6. Brand:: and balm.
  7. Comparison::s aside, so
  8. Far away:: on the other side of an
  9. Artful:: dodge, the gassed up tank:
  10. Fantastic:: to a core

and safe.

(* oops, forgot all about this, thanks to Pamela for the reminder -- Get your own goat tamed with subliminal pleasures at the sublimely subliminal, La Luna Niña.


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