Friday, January 06, 2006


Early wednesday morning, about 7 am, my computer exploded while I was online. (Me to Apple techie: So, it isn't an exageration, me telling my friends that my computer exploded? TechSupport: Nope.) After I explained in detail exactly what happened, what it smelled like, looked like, sounded like (shrill alarm when I finally got it to turn back on) my tech support person didn't say anything for a long time, and then just said, "Gosh!" I had to laugh. "Ugh, that's not a very reassuring sound coming from my technical support person." Then he had to run me through an injury report: "Did you experience any discomfort or stress due to or during the incidence?' "Well, yeah!"

Of course I didn't back up.

But I bought a 3 year tech protection plan even though I'm covered by the U if I bring it in to my office. I like Apple techies because they're paid well to be super nice to me 24 hours a day and not laugh in my face when I say "that thingy." And they come to your house. I tell the guy sighing loudly and unscrewing motherboards and logic boards and power supply boards from the base, "what causes this?" "I have no idea." "Uh, it's not because I was using it too much?"

Don't you hate it when you say something really really stupid?

I love Apple. All my other macs have lasted forever. I've got Apples in the basement as old as some of my students. The cord jacks (those thingys) wear out before they do. But I bought a computer timed to explode in a year, just when my work load is heaviest. I'm afraid I've missed some deadlines because of this; I was just checking my "lifelines" bookmarks which I had just organized in order to send out more manuscripts when everything died.

There must be some kind of law.

Cheers and endless power supply to you! ~ LDC


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