Monday, January 02, 2006

Barbara's Borderline Rant

Read it here first.

I'll have to get back to this (it's a bootyfull day for a new year's hike). Grrl, we gotta talk!

Especially in light of these new poems in the new manuscript, ESKELETONADA. This is what I've been sending out. To me, not a radical departure at all but a diversion off the main trail, that ole familiar path. These are, yes, deconstructions of my previous work, but I think of them as critical reconstructions in a way that will take the next quarter of my life to figure out. I can't think about what people or the gente will say about them. I like them. And, it's for a reason.

The essence of freedom is free choice to range among the conditions of possibility. And, perhaps, only those -- people of experience -- whose choices have been severely and historically limited understand this.

Ms. B, fíjate, we may be among the first writers to actually have a constituency. Or, as my former chair once said to me: "Community is nothing more than an abstract term; not an actuality." "Ah! But one still knows what side of the tracks one was born on," and pays. Or doesn't.

¿Que no?

"i tell ya, there's some comfort in feeling overlooked, unrecognized, hence somewhat unaccountable." ~ Barbara Jane Reyes


Blogger Okir said...

That quote of BJ's is a good one, but somehow, also a little chilling...

2/1/06 15:30  

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