Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ms. Billie Blake AKA Barbara Jane Reyes

Just had to steal this bit of Intuitive Intertextuality from poet/ poetry impresario supreme: Oscar Bermeo of too cool poetry Academy Award Winner, Ms. Barbara Jane "Lipstick Looper" Reyes AKA "William Blake" reincarnated doing what I hope y'all are doing for the holidays: Buying and reading a good book. Now, you know, for an excellent one-two punch pairing I'd go with Gravities of Center & a gift certificate for Poeta en San Francisco along with a brand new book which is five books in one from this poeta de San Francisco, Lorna Dee Cervantes, DRIVE, for the perfect Kwaansa gift for someone on your list (Love & Communication). Throw in anything by Martín Espada and a reading light & you have a great basket of Three Kings on my favorite holiday, Dia de los Tres Reyes (after payday!) Throw in a book by poets Yusef Komunyaaka and Joy Harjo & include her new cd of songs and your favorite goodies and you have an excellent family basket for anytime at all. Hey, to make it seasonal and cross-cultural to boot, add Beach Boy Brian Wilson's new Christmas CD and Scottish poet/ songwriter, Dougie MacLean (I'd suggest Craigi Hu but I don't know how to spell it so the LIVE CD will do.)

This year put some inter into your personal text. Give the gift that lasts: WORDS.

ps. Barbara, I'd love to read with you. My server & email have been down until today. Modern Times would be ideal. And UC Berkeley. Sending email soon. Hope to catch you & Jean at Cody's. Looks like April-May in Cal for me. My fantasy would be reading with you in New York at Louder Arts. Anytime. Poetry On, Sister-No-Sisyphus.


Blogger barbara jane said...

ah, ms. lorna. let's TALK. yes, let's definitely talk. the hamster wheel in my head is turning.

22/12/05 10:34  

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