Sunday, December 18, 2005

from: MEMPHIS MINNIE, GENOCIDE, AND IDENTITY POLITICS: A Conversation With Lorna Dee Cervantes

Found this shout out today from the Representation Show. I'm glad this resonates with someone. ~ LDC
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"What happens in some English departments is that instead of sticking to actual conditions and relations--or, in other words: history--it becomes about how smart you are. Who has the superior intellect? Who has the superior vision? Who is playing tennis with all the right people? I'm not talking ego. I'm saying look at the conditions of power. Look at the conditions and look at the relations. Soon everyone is fighting and in competition for the little crumbs of grants and little travel disbursements and they are spending all their time writing proposals. It becomes this thing where you have to assert yourself in the half-light, again, of what Kunitz called "the tyranny of the single idea." Identity politics. Multiculturalism. Political correctness. Who has the right interpretation? Is it modernity, or is it postmodernity? And postmodernism is not even a thing! It is not a movement, it is not an artistic style, it is not an anything. It is not a noun. It is not a verb. It is a condition. A consciousness. And it is a gestalt consciousness. A gestalt is like one of those black and white drawings you find in a book of optical illusions. Sometimes you see a face and sometimes you see a vase. That's why I keep saying you have to dwell among actual conditions and relations."

--Lorna Dee Cervantes

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