Thursday, December 15, 2005

Right Brainer Dead Ahead

right brain dead ahead
You're right brain oriented! Some characteristics
that might describe you are: random, intuitive,
holistic, synthesizing, subjective, and you look at the whole picture
rather than the details. You are generally more
creative and artistic than the typical left
brainer and prefer music over logic. You are
more spontaneous, and you look at similarities
rather than differences. You prefer the female
family members over the male and are more
future oriented. You don't like feeling
incapable or being incorrect, and often avoid
responsibility. One of your worst fears would
be to be left completely alone in the world.
Some things you might need to work on: take
responsibility (it may prove beneficial),
finish projects/jobs, and make/meet goals.
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Are You More Left or Right Brain Oriented?
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uh, yup


Blogger gingerivers said...

Left brain

Hope you're doing well,


17/12/05 13:10  
Blogger jeroen said...

hi Lorna, I've been trying to find out who made this picture, jsut out of curiosity as the image is widely used but nowhere credited. Is this your work?
Ciao, Jeroen

9/6/13 22:49  

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