Thursday, December 22, 2005

Brokedown Blog

I want to say I've had server & email problems these past week, but the truth is nothing a paid bill wouldn't solve. I forgot that all my net stuff came due at the end of the year. I could get it all deducted from my grand "research" account at the U for all of $1,000 per year, but all the hoops and incompatible net forms are just too much for me to spend my limited time on, especially when I'd rather save it for Isla Mujeres travel to finish my book of translations of Mexican poet, Rafael Burgos Rios. Ditto sending in travel receipts for reimbursement for recent travel. D Dale put a call out on his blog a while back for a personal assistant; I think the Muse of my recent journey into novelling has everything to do with needing to be able to afford one. Heck, La Sandra, at one point, employed a whole village. Poets don't get booking agents and I'm a mess at the sort of stuff -- when it pertains to me. And, being a former editor and publisher, I've generated and accumulated several forests of paper over the past 30-35 years. And no filing to speak of other than bouts of hyper-Virgo organization which was probably coordinated with certain phases of Venus and the sun.

And right now I'd just rather write.

Well, with no access to blogs & multimedia & minimum access to several email accounts, it was a good time to try and clean my house. I'm making tamales. Real ones. With taboo meat. Sent out holiday cards -- only second time in a lifetime. Didn't get to layout and print up my holiday hay(na)ku card, maybe next year. Send me your address and I'll put you on my LD holiday card list. So spent the time getting my addresses together, thinking of family and friends, sending out submissions ("invitations to consider"), printing and typing up manuscripts, and, most important, cleaning my office studio which resembles nothing as much as Francis Bacon's studio now catalogued and archived by archeologists and reproduced down to the pizza boxes in its own gallery (fotos to follow).
Bacon's studio looks like mine
I spent yesterday wrapping presents and returning some extra relief items I bought for Isla -- too expensive to mail and I don't know when I'll be able to get there myself; I'd been hoping to spend this month there and in California. Spent one day wrapping presents. Used part of the time to figure out how I made such a mess of my template, I can't read my own blog on my other computers and servers. I'm afraid to change it for fear of losing comments; but I have a new & improved rainbow version of it, with everybody hanging out in different rooms. I could never get organized until I hit on the rainbow -- it's all one big Mundo to me. Pagan 'til the Dead do me dance.

"We're not poor, we're just broke," my son reminds me. T leaves me a check this morning with a nice T-note: "Hey Sweetie, A bit of cash so you can have your light to write on again. Get a tree too maybe. I love you, Your T" written all in cholo T caps: the "E"s are two horizontal lines and a check.

Buy my book. Maybe even buy from it from me. More are in the mail for your holiday cheer.

And, thanks for 24,000 hits since Cinco de Mayo. (Me to T: Who ARE these people?) Send me your address. Don't think I already have it because I've probably lost it. Help me get organized! You'll be filed under blue for friend and yellow for poet, red if you're a former student, faculty or educator, and violet if you represent an org. See how cool that is? I've got a double rainbow going. Help me keep blogging, get in my green file and buy a book. You can send an email to me at my new domain:




Blogger Brian Campbell said...

Feliz navidad, Lorna. (Nativity of poetry...)

23/12/05 21:20  
Blogger Pris said...

I just read your poem and your bio on Michael Parker's blog. You've done so well for yourself and it's so well deserved!

You have a good holiday!

(I'm adding you to my links, if you don't mind)

24/12/05 03:33  

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