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Lorna Dee Cervantes - DRIVE: The First Quartet - Reviewed in Publisher's Weekly

". . . this five-in-one volume reestablishes Cervantes as a singular voice." ~ Publisher's Weekly

Copyright December 19, 2005 by Publisher's Weekly
Drive: The First Quartet
Cervantes, Lorna Dee (Author)

ISBN: 0930324544
Wings Press (TX)
Published 2006-01
Boxed Set, $49.95 (320p)
Poetry | American | Hispanic American

[note: pre-publication price is for boxed set. The 320p cloth-bound book (red with Chumash symbol intaglio on front) is only $24.95]

Reviewed 2005-12-19

One of the first Chicana poets to achieve wide U.S. recognition, Cervantes did so with just two books, Emplumada (1981) and From the Cables of Genocide (1991); this substantial, versatile follow-up consists (subtitle not withstanding) of five distinct collections, that can be considered as discrete works. All show fire and range, and all draw on Cervantes's life on the streets as a teen and on her left-wing activism as an adult. The first, How Far's the War? , comprises poems of activism and protest against a global spate of injustices, from Latin American dictatorships to shortages in Eastern Europe: "La plumage de justicia hangs from the broken/ arrows of palabras [words] breaking the media block/ Of Truth and Consequences of Free Trade Agreements." The last, Hard Drive , collects warmly convincing poems of erotic and parental love, remembered, promised and achieved: "Come,/ and let us eat/ up the hours/ between us." BIRD AVE, perhaps the strongest, concentrates on Cervantes's youth, recalling "what girls/ did in/ the barrio/ to get/ their 15/ minutes of fame." About 10 poems are abbreviated appropriations of very famous poems by Bishop, Williams and others, with new titles. But this five-in-one volume reestablishes Cervantes as a singular voice. (Jan.)

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Blogger GJPW said...

Looking forward to reading it soon! Are you gonna be giving readings in Boston or nearby for the book?

Happy new year to you.


7/1/06 23:15  

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