Friday, January 13, 2006

A Note From My Publisher This Morning Regarding DRIVE: The First Quartet

Hi  again,

Just got this from [KL] at Poets & Writers:

We would like to include Drive: The First Quartet by Lorna Dee Cervantes in a section of our News & Trends department called "Page One: Where New and Noteworthy Books Begin." I'm wondering if you could provide the name of her editor and her publicist at Wings Press, the name of her agent, and confirm that this is her fourth book. We will also include the first line of poetry that appears in the book ("The bones that hold the holy.") in the listing. Thanks very much.


I had to laugh  at that, being as I'm the publisher / editor / designer / accountant / publicist and occasional shipping clerk for Wings.

This is getting very interesting. SPD called this afternoon. They  have already  sold the 200 copies I sent them in October and wanted 200 more. I  think, my  dear, that we are going to do very well with DRIVE. You are going  to be a national figure (again) as you deserve, and me, well, I'm just one happy camper.

-- Bryce


Blogger A. D. said...

rock on.

13/1/06 10:04  
Blogger Michael Parker said...

Lorna, I love the first line of Drive: "The bones that hold the holy." Absolutely amazing image. Congratulations on this publication.

14/1/06 15:19  
Blogger Lee Herrick said...

Awesome news, Lorna. I missed the chance to get in on an early signed copy, but maybe I could mail it to your department, you could sign it (with a paid envelope of course) and ship it back to me...

16/1/06 14:39  

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