Friday, January 13, 2006

Call for Papers on Lorna Dee Cervantes - SF May 25-28

From one of today's searches that led to this blog.

Hey, can I go? ~ LDC
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CFP: Lorna Dee Cervantes (1/16/06; ALA, 5/25/06-5/28/06)

From: Rodriguezygibson, Eliza
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 17:05:36 -0800

CFP: Latina/o Literature and Culture Society of the American Literature=20
Hyatt Regency San Francisco=20
May 25-28, 2006=20
Lorna Dee Cervantes
The Latina/o Literature and Culture society is seeking papers on any
aspects of the work of poet Lorna Dee Cervantes. Please submit a
one-page abstract and short vita with contact information and
affiliation to the session chair, Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson at by January 16, 2006.=20

Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson
Assistant Professor
Department of English
University of Redlands
              From the Literary Calls for Papers Mailing List
                         Full Information at
         or write Jennifer Higginbotham:
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Blogger Mark said...

So are you going to write one? ;)

14/1/06 05:26  
Blogger Peter said...

Lorna: You should do it! Wear groucho Marx disguise and attend incognito, too.

14/1/06 08:14  
Anonymous Liza said...

YES! You should come. It would so so so cool. And nerve-wracking for anyone reading her/his work about your poetry. Heh, as chair I'm not allowed to be on the panel.

16/1/06 11:17  

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