Friday, January 20, 2006

Four For MeMe Meme

Because no one ever tags me to play:(

Four jobs you’ve had in your life
1) bindery person at San Jose City College print shop 2) Printer in union print shop 3) World's worst waitress in Filipino Restaurant 4) Director of literature component for community cultural center (not counting my avocation as poet/ publisher/ editor & my current position as Associate Professor of English)

Four movies you could watch over and over
1) Smoke Signals 2) 'Round Midnight 3) Little Big Man 4) Wizard of Oz (It's the monkeys, man!) (If I knew you well enough to be my goofy self, I'd admit it: Sleepless In Seattle)

Four places you’ve lived
1) San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz, CA 2) Provincetown, MA 3) Lyons, Colorado 4) Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Four TV shows you love to watch
I lived for decades without that Eve of Distraction; but these past couple of years, I like to zone out nuzzling my sweetie on the sofa on wednesdays
1) Lost 2) George Lopez 3) American Idol - just for the semiotics of it 4) House (can't help it, always a sucker for a brainiac with a sense of irony -- all politics aside which isn't very likely) (I'm not sure I love to watch it, but Extreme Home Makeover where they build someone a house designed just for them makes me cry through a box of tissues -- but it's a good cry, like when the little6 year old girl who was sleeping on her mother's couch with her two year old brother says, when they ask her what's the favorite part of her new 3 story house with the fantasy animal bedroom: "The bed! It's so soft!" Gosh, I'm crying right now -- what a phenomena! I can't think of any other movie or show that does that to me, like a switch)

Four places you’ve been on vacation
(HA! "Chicanos don't go on vacation." Sometimes for a laugh I ask hubby: "Where did your family go on vacation?" We laugh. He gets it. George Lopez would get it, too: "Where did your family go camping?" "Same place we went on vacation." "By the firepit in the backyard when mom was unemployed again." Yesterday, my son had to do a project where I had to list all the states I've been in: 35. I won't count readings or other obligations, be they blood, love or money; just places I traveled to just for the halibut: Chicanos are the original travelers & troubadours)
1) Denver, Colorado 2) Santa Cruz, CA (SJ, too, see my poem "I'm Going Away to Where I'm From" in From the Cables of Genocide) 3) hiking the Tetons in Montana 4) Isla Mujeres

Four websites you visit daily
Blogger: all po'blogs (I'm a creature of habit and one is clicking on all the links down to the hurricane ones beginning with who's cooking in my cocina -- I gotta update! -- every morning and night. I know I could roll it, if I knew how, but I like the ceremony and serendipity.) Lately, in a pinch of time, I've noticed that these are the ones I click on first
1) Eduardo Corral 2) Claudia Millian 3) Poetry Hut 4) A.D. Thomas
And then, since I can't stop there: y'all, and I often click on your links weaving the warp of the web

Four of your favorite foods
4) the lobster - pan seared scallop risotto I just had was pretty durn good ("There's not a day that goes by when I don't think about rice." ~ Phil Chang 3) lamb, though I don't eat it anymore for the prions and the compassion 2) mangos! (mango mousse, mango lahssi, mango cheesecake, mango tart, dried mangos, mango & pumpkin pancakes, Mango Passion soy drink which they don't sell here anymore -- just to bug me) 1) CHAYA!

Four places you’d rather be
1) rollin' in my sweet baby's arms 2) out over my mountain 3) La Isla bonita! 4) oh, I'd love to be home in my piney wood hills

Four albums you can’t live without
1) Dougie MacLean - "Live" 2) Bonnie Raitt - "Nick of Time" 3) Susan Tedeschi - "Wait On Me" 4) The Essential Memphis Minnie - though in a fire I'd save all 20 of her cd collections first - WOW - That was really really hard! (Billy Bragg - "Must I Paint You a Picture?", Billie Holliday - "Love Songs", Bob Marley - Legend, Los Lobos - Will the Wolf Survive? Santana - "Supernatural", B. Raitt - "Souls Alike")

Bonus four:

Four (poetry) books you can't live without
1) Pablo Neruda - Residencia en la tierra/ Residence on Earth 2) César Vallejo - Poemas Humanos/ Human Poems 3) Pablo Neruda - 100 Love Sonnets (my translation) 4) José Gorostiza - Muerte sin fin/ Death Without End (my translation) (PROSE POEMS: Eduardo Galeano - Century of the Wind) (and, sure, T.S. Eliot - The Four Quartets) (Once, I could only take one book, so I cheated and brought the Fourth Edition of the Norton Anthology of American Poetry, the one that begins with Whitman and ends with me, I've read it cover to cover five times already)

Four people you'll tag for this meme
First four people who say: "I'd tag you if someone tagged me!"


Blogger Melissa Jones Fiori said...

I never get tagged. I tag myself and call it good. I hereby tag you retroactively. ... I must say I passed by a door with your name on it the other day (I was in Hellams). It was a bit shocking, like seeing one's friend's face in the newspaper. And it felt like a brush with fame: "Oh, I READ her!" I hope you will be reading again in Boulder soon. I missed your recent (Dec.?) reading and so would gladly come down the mountain to hear/see you (I live in Ned). Ciao for now.

22/1/06 16:40  
Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Hey, "welcome home!"

Say, I have time this semester for an independent study -- I notice you are in a poetry sweep -- in case there wasn't room in the workshop. I do wish I were teaching the grad workshop, but cest la vie. Or, sumthin like that. Just stick a form in my box or catch me between classes Tues. or thurs.

Nederland! You lucky dog.

23/1/06 09:33  
Blogger Cerebralwaste said...

I just completed an interview with Dougie Maclean that will be up shortly. I hope you will stop by an have a look at it!

23/1/06 17:50  

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