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Update Oct. 25, 4:35 pm Isla Time - ISLA MUJERES - SEND CASH NOW! 'Summary of Known People, (Sightings) & Damage', 10/24/05, 8 pm by 'IslaDano'

on http://www.islabuild.com/speak/viewtopic.php?t=1923, the good folk at Isla Mujeres Speakeasy. Check all the links in the posts below, especially the long one with all the mish mash of posts & links related to Isla Mujeres: They are all part of a web woven with love out of what the good people of the Yucatan respect the most -- hechos y actos -- deeds and acts for the past decade of the internet and travel to the region to experience, first-hand, the true face of Mexico and her loving peoples.


Please send cash immediately any way you can to very poor families via very trusted individuals and organizations; and, later, when the infrastructure is back up, directly to individuals you know who are there via Western Union. Last night/ early this morning (I have been up all night monitoring news & just got up to see my son to school) I sent $50 to The English School on Isla Mujeres c/o Maggie Wabash (sorry if I have the name wrong, I'm typing by memory in order to post this info as soon as possible) on behalf of my husband & I as he is an employee of one of the big corps & cos on the long list of employers who will match contributions -- so, that's $100 right there, and, as their little school house did not suffer much damage (La Gloria, one of the poorest neighborhoods among very poor people on the south side of the island, is, ironicly, one of the safest on the island to be during a hurricane, as well as for the hospitality and good sense of the native population) I know it will, somehow, be put to good use; point is, I have firts-hand knowledge that it is one foreign interest on the island I would, personally, like to see preserved. I also sent $100 to Rebecca and Molly at Art & Philanthropy at www.artandphilanthropy.com as they are, at this very moment, convening in Puerto Juarez where a company has donated the use of a chartered flight to Isla Mujeres -- and they want to stuff the plane! They are bringing lots of tents & TARPS, food, water, medicine (keep in mind that a high percentage of the native population, the ones most affected by this tragedy, are severely diabetic) (DIAPERS!) & anything else as soon as they know, as communication to anyone on the island is severed in most parts. (Water has receded but official reports are that the island was cut off by the sea in 3 sections at one point during the storm.) Please scroll down to my post asking for donations sent to Rebecca via Paypal. (I know, I know, but it's become the best way to support individual writers, artists, publishers (POETS!) and relief organizations. For, while some fox is barking orders and everyone is trying to figure out who's in charge, individuals are pulling together -- as they always have in that place, for milenias, with hands & heart and everything they've got, which for most, is not much. Paypal is quick and easy and, relatively secure, as secure as you are -- or as poor as you are if you are like me, when I suggest to love ones & friends that I'd love to see how anyone can get credit anywhere on my account, they just bust out laughing.)

SEND MONEY NOW ANYWAY YOU CAN. If you send Western Union moneygram they might wave fees & if you can get through by phone, you can pass them the code where they can retrieve the cash, in pesos, immediately, as soon as outlets are up, from anywhere they are, from any bank (larger structures suffered the most damge, in some cases, while some small ma & pop businesses are still functioning with generators and satellite phones -- but that's a guess on my part. Anyway, it's a way to reassure myself. I will be sending more money to Molly & Rebecca as soon as I can later today. (My bank, Chase, put a 7-day hold, which is a 2-week hold what with weekends, on my $1,200 check from the National Museum of Women and the Arts I depositted on the 16th, a Sunday, before catching a flight to UT, a $1,000 check they cashed for me just fine on the 19th. The check from the Museum was more than likely drawn on Chase as all gov checks are, speaking from my experience on numerous NEA panels, Library of Congress & other gov work. Well, folks, your tax dollars at work, investigating suspicious activity like the overdraft-fee-overdrawn personal account of a successful Chicana poet coming out of sick-leave from a State University. I was drafting a letter of outrage to the bank branch manager after having been escorted physically off the premises for asking for a written letter stating why the hold on my honestly earned check from a reputable (USA) business depositing into an active account I've had for over a year was not released ("or am I left to deduce that there is some other reason it was suggested to my face that the check might have been 'fraudulently obtained' such as gender, race, or, perhaps, socioeconomic class?" the point in which I was escorting from the bank bythe Accounts Manager who then stood at the door blocking my re-entry, all for requesting council with the bank Branch Manager who was on the premises in order to present my documentation reagrding the check which included going home and returning with the original check stub, instead of apologizing to me immediately; but the letter, and the insult, and the money when there's more to come soon is just oh so petty in light of this unprecedented catastrphe in this place, this 4 1/2 mile long fish of an island in the "Mar Caribe" which as anyone who knows me well knows, has become my adopted home of some dozen years. I fully intend to grow old and die on the island. I own a small plot of land there which is, most assuredly flooded. But, sorry, dear reader, you're hanging in my private livingroom and the hostess is ranting -- for good reason. I would have sent $400 on day one had that stupid check been creditted on the 17th as was excpected in the good old days before chase bought my local bank last month; and this is all one long black notebook where I keep all my stuff, like venting outrage before writing a logical and well-articulated note to THE MANAGER, and rest assured, Dear Reader, I will be wearing my spelling shoes! Dear Reader, WELCOME HOME! Stay a spell. If you have first-hand knowledge or are searching for loved ones anywhere in the region, please leave a message and I will disseminate & connect as quickly as I can.) And, I will be making more suggestions for direct aid & relief as soon as I know. Knowing Molly, she's like my indigenous grandma: "Where's there's a will there's a way." And, knowing Molly, she will do it with LOVE, that's a force stronger than any hurricane.

"I HATE HURRICANES!!" ~ LDC circa always already

Thank you, Dan! And, everyone else on the boards -- you know who you are; the people remaining on the islands, who are all now, to the one, Isleños know that help is on the way -- que todos son AMIGOS! Let's be amigos, too. Thanks to all!


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Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2005 8:01 pm    Post subject: SUMMARY of KNOWN PEOPLE, SITINGS & DAMAGE

This update is a list of positive reports I've seen on a couple message boards.
I don't have any magical way of requesting specific news for people/places on Isla so please don't ask here.
I'm just summarizing the other "factual" reports of other people.
I will add to/edit this list as time permits and as I see new reports. LAST UPDATE (Isla Time): 10/25/05 9:40 AM

I will add to/edit this list as time permits and as I see new reports.
LAST UPDATE (Isla Time): 10/25/05 4:35 PM

News Report (10/25) AM states that no lives were lost on Isla Mujeres. (Post PepeLima)
Alison and Jeff of Sunset Grill are fine...went to Merida. (Guest Post)
Ariel, Bonnie and kids are fine - (Chris Lane)
Ashley (Villa Las Brisas) - evacuated to Merida - OK
Barbara (Casa Del el Sol) - evacuated to Merida
Barbara Callahan - OK - Phone - Gathering supplies in Merida.
Bessie Hamaker - OK - Phone
Bob & Lynn Gray - OK - Phone
Bob and Wayne evacuated - Post
Chris Lane - OK - Post from sister
Curtis (Villa Las Brisas) - OK - Phone
Elvis and family - OK - Phoned from Cancun
Emilio (Avalon lifeguard) and family OK
Daniela Molliver (LaGloria English School) - OK - Phone to Maggie
Delfino - Fine - (Chris Lane)
Ino from Rocamar - Fine - Phone from Ino to Patsi
Javier (the musician), family OK, but house gone - TxtMsg from Javier
Jenny Marx (teaching at LaGloria English School) - OK - Phone
Jim and Carmita fine - as relayed by someone down there.
Joachim Sonnenberg - OK - Email
Jorge De la O (manages properties) - Said he'd weathered the storm in La Gloria - Phone
Joy of Cielito Lindo - OK - Email from friend
Katy, the Nautibeach condo owners' pool manager - OK - Post from Karl
Limas are all fine.
Lupita Cupal and family (NaBalam) - OK - email from Lupita
Martin Ruiz Camino (NaBalam) - OK - Guest Post
Maryse Fleurant and John Olcese - OK (Sister 's post)
Mendillo (kin ,wife, lilly and andrea) - OK - Phone
Nacho (Posada Del Mar manager) - OK - Email
Norris Blevins - OK - Phone
Paco from Aqui Estoy and friends - OK - Post from brother
Paulina (Dolphin mananger) - OK
Phyllis Robinson, Les & Joyce, and Inge - OK - Weathered the storm at Inge's - Guest Post
Robby Lavia, Mark and the crew from Mundaca Realestate are doing Fine - Phone call and multi posts
Rudi (who lives at Alison and Jeff's) is OK
Sabi Herrera is ok
Sabina - okay and is assisting with relief on the island
Sergio - OK - Guest post
Steve and Janeen ok house still standing - phone call
Susan Morgan - OK - Phone
Vic from CancunValet - OK - Phone calls
Vicki at Lost Oasis - Okay - Phone
Villa Las Brisas staff - "Well and safe @ VLB" - Phone
Zina - She is okay. - As reported through her brother

Airport - Isla Mujeres airport sustained some damage 10/24 (Bessie Hamaker on Isla)
Airport - See Airport section under Cancun, below.
Ferries - Car and People ferries appear to be running (Bessie Hamaker and Chris Lane) Punta Sam ferry expected up 10/26. TV
Food and Water - Being 'coptered and ferried in, and being distributed via trucks. (Chris Lane)
Law and Order - There is a temporary marshall law with 7:00 PM curfew to help keep things stable. People are pulling together in the recovery.
Water/Sewer - Service interupted and dependant on Cancun side being re-established. Water being brought in. (10/24) - Radio Monitor
Electric - Dependant on Cancun infrastructure. Major power lines into Cancun downed by wind (10/24) - Radio Monitor
Many powerline poles down on Isla (10/24) (Bessie Hamaker on Isla)
Salinas - Flooded but receding. Water no longer preventing inter-island travel. (10/25).
Rueda Medina - Fine
Hidalgo - 3-foot flooding
Playa Norte - Still there but again, rearranged (Guest Post 10/25 AM)

Damage Reports
Avalon - Severe damage
Casa Mimosa - Minimal damage, water seepage. (owner post)
Casa Vista Alegre - Structurally OK (owner post)
Dolfins - Dolfins were moved to inner isla swimming pools but no further update. (10/23)
Garafon Park - "A mess" 10/24 (Bessie Hamaker on Isla)
Media Luna - OK
Nautibeach - Building intact. All trees except ones on beach down. Beach bar and structures gone. #22 only unit w/broken windows.
Nabalm - Severe damage. Expect Dec 15 reopening.
Posada del Mar - Lots of work to be done - (Manager Nacho)
Rocamar - OK. Expect to be ready to accept guests by the end of November. Expect no phone till mid-Nov. (Ino phoned Patsi)
Seahawk Divers - Little damage to the dive shop and boats. (Chris Lane)
Secretos - OK
Sergios - Gone
Sunset Grill - Gone
Villa Las Brisas - Minor Damage (Curtis)
Marina and Boats - Counted 11 boats sunk 10/24 (Bessie Hamaker on Isla)
Bernie & Nancy - Skylite blown out and a front round window with minimal water damage. (Gwen Brown on Isla)
Bob and Kellys - House is still standing
Jeff & Allison - Major damage to their house. (Gwen Brown on Isla)
Richard & Karen - Major damage to their house. (Gwen Brown on Isla)
Steve & Lindell - Some trees uprooted, but house seems okay. (Gwen Brown on Isla)
Sue McNutt - Major damage. (Gwen Brown on Isla)

Food and Water - There is at least one food distribution center currently active in Cancun for locals who lost their homes.
Law and Order - When the jail gets rebuilt they will probably start making arrests again.
Law and Order - "In a nutshell, the looting in Cancun has been terrible." (Vanessa from Avicar 10/25)
Law and Order - Cancun also has Martial Law and a curfew but I don't have details.
Phones - Service restored (10/25)
Transport - 4 roads between Vallodolid and Cancun obstructed. (10/24)
Airport - Cancun airport structurally OK but still out of action (waterlogged navigation equipment) (10/25 AM).
Airport - Funjet Vacations has cancelled all flights into and out of Cancun/Cozumel airports through October 31, 2005 (Canuck)

Playa Del Carmen
PDC has electricity and street are clear. (Martine and Aura in Cancun)
Playa-Maya Luxury Beachfront Hotel - minor damage
Treetops Hotel - minor damage
Riu Playacar - minimal damage

Tulum has electricity
Cabanas Copal - minor damages
Azulik - minor damages

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