Monday, October 24, 2005

(Trans.) 'Reaching Cancun, Difficult'

*UPDATE: at least 2 carriers have landed in Cancun's airport bringing supplies
Reaching Cancun, Difficult

Flooding in some parts of the Highway to Merida

Reaching Cancun by the highway tying this city to Merida is something that can now only be made by large 4-wheel drives (trucks), some parts are still flooded as a consequence of the heavy rains from Wilma.

According to information passed on by Jorge Munoz Gonzalez, Director of the Center for Social Communications - SCT Yucatan, Kilometers 255, 257 & 271 are flooded along the Merida-Cancun Freeway, also there are large impediments reported on the freeway in the state of Quintana Roo.

In Valladolid, the Federal Police station informs that in some parts the flooding has risen to almost a meter in height.

Mr. Munoz Gonzalez considers that, from the conditions of the road, automobile traffic through to Cancun is not recommended.

The Federal Police Department says that it has been left to the judgement of drivers of trailers and trucks who intend to pass. The situation remains the same today, monday.

Other sources indicate that one can pass coming to the north of Quintana Roo through a much longer route, via Carrillo Puerto, but there are delays in Playa Del Carmen because of obstacles in the street, mainly posts and debris from the destruction, making it very difficult to get to Cancun.

As for conditions of the Federal highway system of Yucatan, Jorge Munoz said he doesn't know of more problems on the Tizimin-Rio Lartos thruway, such as flooding and some obstacles such as branches.

In the case or airports, merida and Chetumal are operating at 100% capacity as alternate terminals.


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