Sunday, October 23, 2005

Local News From Isla - Sergio's, Sunset Grill Gone. Nabalam, Avalon Heavy Damage. Nautibeach OK. Islenos Banding Together.

from Isla Mujeres Speakeasy at

Subject: Nautibeach report and Sergios
Created: 10/23/2005 8:52:45 PM

I am posting the message I sent to owners at Nautibeach Condos! To : Owners at Nautibeach

I just had a telephone call from Dave Hochmayr who had just got off the phone with our Owners Rental Pool Manager, Katy. She had taken refuge down the west side of the island at a hotel that was a bit more protected from the hurricane. She hitch hiked up to Nautibeach this afternoon to survey the damage.

The building is still intact!!!!! Every tree on the property has been blown down except for the ones on the beach. And there is still a beach!

The pool bar palapa has been blown into the pool itself. The other palapa by the side of the pool has been blown down. The restaurant bar by the beach was blown away totally. Sergio's bar to the west of our property (Playa Sol) was blown away entirely also.

Katy could not get into many of the units since the doors were swollen shut due to moisture. But the ones she could get into on the first floor had suffered no water flooding. I was told that during Hurricane Gilbert in 1988, there had been flooding in the first floor units. The only broken windows that she could see were in unit # 22.

90% of the power lines on the island are down. They are guessing that it will be a month before power is back on the island. The ferry boats are expected to resume tomorrow and a lot of people are saying that they are going to leave the island during this interim without electricity.

Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2005 3:34 am    Post subject: NEW ISLA INFO ON CHRIS'BOARD:

I just spoke to Robby Lavia, The crew from Mundaca Realestate are doing Fine. They said that the Island people are all coming together to help out one another.Robby said that the main street(Hidago) had some flooding around 3 feet,but not to bad.The Avalon & Nabalom has severe damage, Sunset Grill is gone, Sergios Gone.On the south end I have a house we are on the ocean (Colona Gloria) We have no damage...But we have hurricane shutters.The hotel Sectetos ok, Media Luna ok the Limas are all fine.
Sabi Herrera is ok. If anyone traveling to Isla they need supplies.I will try to get a list of supplies.Many island people are running low on water and food.Many houses have all windows blown out.They do not expect to have electric for a month.I will update e-mail as more info. becomes available.

Your Isla Friend April Buchwald


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