Sunday, October 23, 2005

Searching for News of Jenny Marx, staying with Manuel Baas & Daniella Molliver on Isla Mujeres

Jenny Marx taught English in La Gloria. And searching for any news of the rest of the English School teachers. Also, Romi & others at the hotel on Playa Norte, and their little dog -- at the request of others. If anyone has direct news please pass it on and I'll post it. Also, scroll down for more links. Let me know if you have direct contact to anyone on the island.

I'm sure they are fine and holding fast with their hosts. (They are a treasure in the community and will be treated as such.) The island is divided by water from the slough (salina) and sea water, so communication to the main center of town is cut-off. Most people are where they would be on the island, a higher & drier elevation. There are no reports of injuries, deaths or trouble there other than devastated buildings, homes and infrastructure. Food, however, is running out. But most people were prepared, many still suffering the effects of Emily. "Isla Mujeres in destroyed." As many of us knew it could be.

Please leave any information you can in comments or send an email if you have found or are searching for people on Isla.

I would like to be in touch with the local Red Cross, a nurse, Claudia, and many others I've already listed.

There's good information here: You have to register first to comment. (Maybe send a bit to them also to support the site.)

Consider taking a Mexican adventure and fly into Merida or Chetumal, if they're open, or even Oaxaca, and taking a bus as far as you can then hire a taxi in order to get in with aide and to seek info. Wait for boats to resume (donate motors for boats & gas -- use gas cards?) then try to help Isla.


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