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List of Shelters In Cancun, Current Messages From Isla Mujeres & Cancun Boards, Links

Gracias a todos for keeping the information coming. More organized links to follow.
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Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2005 9:16 pm    Post subject: Just heard from Vic at Cancun Valet

I have been so worried that I am shaking right now just from hearing Vic's voice. It is so good to hear someone's voice from down there. Cancun is in the eye of the storm, which Vic expects to last for a couple of hours. He was calling from his cell phone, I think. Most of his info about Cancun is coming from the States right now because there is no power for local reporters to broadcast with.

He told me what he knows about the island. I am not good at sugar coating, so I will pass along what he told me. He is in Cancun, so I am sure this is what he has heard. He said that Playa Norte is basically gone (I think he was talking about the beach...not necessarily the dwellings). The Salina is now a part of the ocean (if that makes sense). He is trying to reach Jorge (my boyfriend) and said he would call me back with any news. (for those of you who know Jorge De la O, he stayed on the island to board up houses and it at his mothers house to ride out the storm).

I was caught off guard by Vic's call and will be better prepared with questions when he calls back. I will watch this posting in case you guys have questions that I can get answered

I think the emotions of the past 12 hours has just caught up wtih all for now.

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Four Recent Reports from Cozumel Saturday, Oct 22nd

Posted By: Sirena7cs at 9:16 PM GMT on October 22, 2005
I thought some of you might like to read some of the most recent news I could find coming out of Cozumel. Below are 4 reports. If anyone else has other reports pls feel free to post them here. I know that there are quite a few people who are anxious to get some kind of word on how Cozumel faired.

Update - Cozumel
From: go2mexico at
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2005 14:01:38 -0400

Just received a telephone call from my good friend in Cozumel. 1:45pm est. Amazing she still had telephone service. Her family is safe but exhausted and very upset. She said there has been no let up since 9pm Thurs and the wind and rain have been relentless. She wanted to know when it was all going to end. She indicated this storm was much worse than Gilbert in 88. She is only getting weather updates by calling the states. It broke my heart to have to tell her they had several more hours before it finally starts to settle down. She will try to call later and I will try to get some specifics concerning damage reports.

This is an email we received Saturday afternoon (10/22) from 17 year old Jadie DeLille, whose family own the Jeanie's Waffle House Resteraunt on the main drag in Coz.

Apparently she was able to use her battery powered laptop and found a live phoneline to dial out of on her modem.

This was her message
Hey!...I'm really glad I have my laptop, I as able to hook it up to the phone line and connect, I haven't left my house in 39 hours, and it's barely 11.15, we've had 2 very hard nights, the wind's been howling through the hurricane shutters so strongly, that the rain, which has been non-stop, is coming in through shut windows, it's so wet that it's opening slits in the window frames and water gushes in through there. My house is flooding from the upstairs towards first the NNE winds were going through my mon's room, as it switched WNW (during the daytime) we were able to go out on the balcony, since it's protected from the strong winds and rain, we filmed and saw in awe as the neighbors roof started to fly off, and their neighbors house fall apart (made out of sticks and tar paper roofing), I've got pics and video of it, so you'll soon see what I mean....we were able to get a glimpse of the eye, it wasn't the whole eye, even though it was bigger than cozumel (at 10.30 friday the eye was right next to us and was almost twice as big), as we had 10 min of the calmest winds so far, because it still was windy, as the eye was almost over us, my mom moved her car to where it was safe from the S winds we were supposed to get....we watched in shock as 8 guys came out of the house where the roof was almost completely off of...they slowly walked to a shelter, or to someone's house, but as they walked the winds started to pick up, by 5.30 we had our doors closed and went back to being in the dark, the wind was coming in harder than before, by this time wew were in my room, my door goes out to the baclony, and is covered by a tall part of the balcony, but the waterr was gushing in from how hard it was blowing, my brother's room is almost the same as mine, and his was flooding too (not a whole lot, but just so that is get's everything wet) so my house as flooding from upstairs down....the screen door from downstairs was ripped off it's hinges, our front door was blown open during the night, and we just had to stand hearing it slam over and over until morning, when we could shut it closed with some rope.... the wind and rain haven't stopped yet, we might get into a clearer part, but everything is so damaged, power lines are down, houses are wrecked, everywhere is flooded, and we have no idea when we'll get power back, when food and water will come, right now everyone only has a limited amount of supplies, I don't think anyone would've ever imagined the storm lasting over 40 hours....If you can whenever the storm is passed, send food and water, or any kind of aid possible, Katrina was bad, after all New Orleans is 2 ft under sea level, but Katrina was barely a category 4 when it hit, and it passed quite quickly, we've been here for 40 hours,, Wilma hit as a strong category 4 last I kne, but I'm sure it went up to a 5, right now Wilma is strong cat. 3, but being here it doesn't seem that it's mellowed down at all, and above all it's been moving soooo slow, making the damage even worse, it might be moving slow (so slow that now the weahter center is not specifying how slo, last I heard it was 5mph but it's slowed down) the satellite picture from yesterday is almost at the same spot it is today!! So if you can let anyone know what has happened here, because I'm sure I'm the only one on the island that has been able to tell anyone what has happened, please let them know we need help, maybe if they know before the damage is calculted, the help will come quicker
Jadie De Lille

3.1PM: From Cozumel “Gabriela” who is a hotel manager and is inside the Hotel El Cozumeleño was in brief contact by Cellular Telephone.

Gabriela is telling us that there are 760 tourists that remained on Cozumel Island, we don’t know how many are with her vs in other locations. The hotel is “structurally sound” “we lost most of the windows and water is coming into the building. Winds are incredible blowing at 150 to 180 kph and it is raining very hard still. We only had 10 minutes of the eye because of the way the eye passed over Cozumel so we never had that 5 or 6 hour break here that we were supposed to have”.

“We have plenty of food and water; people are in good spirits but extremely tired as nobody has been able to sleep at all.”

“We know that there is a lot of damage overall in Cozumel but God has kept us safe here and we are thankful for that”.

As we stated in an earlier Report; houses have been destroyed as well as businesses, boats have been damaged and 600 meters of the highway at the backend of Cozumel has been washed away in a slide. If someone can help me with what is the backend of Cozumel please do. This information is confirmed with the Civil Protection at the state offices in Chetumal.

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36. "RE: latest updates"
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It's 3pm on Saturday just spoke with my brother at Rileys tavern he estimates the wind to be at 80-100 MPH. He had some minor water leakage otherwise his bar is intact. Some military trucks are moving around. It appears that the strom stalled their for over 24 hours and he cannot venture out yet when he does plenty of photos will be taken and I will post them on his website

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Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2005 4:22 pm    Post subject: From Isla this afternoon

I spoke with Steve about an hour ago. He reports that it is much more windy now than it was this morning when we spoke. Also that the wind is coming directly over from Cancun as apposed to the south-southwest wind they were receiving earlier. Big gusts of wind still coming and going. This makes sense with were the NOAA satellite photo's show Wilma to be.

He said lots of debris in the streets but he can't see any major structure damage, and little flooding. Keep in mind that he is on the hill in La Gloria, and he certainly has not ventured into centro. Any of you that have been downtown when it rains even a little bit can imagine what the flooding is like down there! I remember having dinner at Rolandi's one night when it started raining, and the water was knee deep by the time we were done!

I told him I have been unable to reach another friend in centro since thrusday night, and he said there is a phone tower laying in the street, must be somewhere near him since he has only ventured out a short walking distance. That was this morning when he had a break in the wind.

He says his house looks like someone came in with a garden hose and sprayed everything, water has been coming in sideways from every nook and cranny. They are exhausted, as I am sure everyone on the island is by now.

This damn thing won't leave!!

More later if he has any change to report with his next call. Thank God he still has cell phone reception. I'd really be going crazy with worry if I weren't talking to them every few hours.


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