Saturday, October 22, 2005

Wilma Wail and Reassurances In The Early Hours of Sky: 'My Isla Mujeres is underwater. . .'

I just posted this to Early Hours of Sky as her brother & new bride were honeymooning at the Iberoamericano in Tulum & were evacuated thursday night to a nearby shelter. Anyone there who might have information? Lots of links to come.

The situation is bad bad bad - but do not fear, your brother & family will be safe & evacuated as soon as the airport is opened. They could not be in better hands. These people are hurricane hardy and culturally apt to always look out for the other. Tourists are priority. There are chefs in chefs hats cooking in some shelters. There is an online list to track who went to what shelter from what hotel. I will be posting links to my blogs. There have been 2 deaths due to a fuel tank crashing into a hotel and 6 other injuries from that accident in Playa del Carmen, and one death of a young woman from Cancun getting electrocuted from a downed wire in the water. No other deaths or injuries. Tulum, though, was hard hit -- but the people have prepared for it for centuries; most people were evacuated inland well before Wilma hit.

The problem is infrastructure. Expect not to hear from him for a week -- or any minute: there are a lot of cell phones, etc., as such hi-tech stuff is salvation there in a case like this. The roads will be all washed out -- there is only one hiway to the airport in Cancun, but plenty jeeps, etc., and the military. It will all be very well-ordered, as much as can be expected. Last I heard this morning, the winds had died down but I am afraid it is just the eye and they have at least another 12 hours to go as this thing has stalled all night. That means more catastrophic damage to weakened structures.

But DON'T WORRY! This is the worst of the worst of possible scenarios in a place very very dear to my heart. My Isla Mujeres is underwater with world record rainfall (6 feet) and 27 foot waves; there are still 9,000 people there on the island and all 3 docks launching from one site in Puerto Juarez may have been wiped out by a single mammoth wave. But, this morning, there is an eyewitness report of walking through the streets of La Gloria, although, again, there's another 12 hours to go -- and another, Alpha, right behind.

My point is: the people are prepared, and these people in particular, the yucatec maya, are some of the most civilized people in the world.

Ooops, I better go write on my own blog. I'll be back. Join me there, I'll be posting all the info I can. What's your brother's name, and the others, and place of origin, as I have a friend who's connected with all the boards & blogs in the region.


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