Thursday, October 20, 2005

Jetsam & Flotsam: Lorna DeeCe Honestly Completes A Long & 'Interesting Quizz' Discovered Oct. 19, 3:06 pm - Now, Do You

"interesting quiz :)

Are You"
(y) in love
(y) wearing pants
(y) wearing a shirt
( ) wearing a bra
( ) wearing a thong
( ) wearing boxers
( ) single
( ) weird
( ) awesome
( ) prep
( ) goth
( ) punk
(y) dork
(y) emo
(y) old fashioned
( ) paranoid
( ) fat
( ) pretty
(y) skinny
(y) average
( ) pessimistic
(y) quiet
(y) loud
(y) goofy
(y) serious / i can be
(y) tired
( ) horny
(y) black
(y) white
( ) an orphan
( ) adopted
(y) married
(y) laid back
( ) crazy

do you...
(y) like to cry
(y) eat raman noodles
(y) love school
(y) love dorks
(y) love your mypsace
(y) kick ass
(y) like shirley temples
(y) worship someone
( ) have a girlfriend
(y) have a boyfriend
(y) own a thong
(y) sing in the shower
( ) hate bush
( ) hate kerry
( ) hate america
( ) hate where you live
( ) love bush
( ) love kerry
(y) love america
( ) not care about politics
( ) like it when guys/girls are "hard to get"
(y) like it when guys/girls are "easy"

have you ever...
(y) started a fire (responsibly maintained campfire only)
(y) told someone you loved them
(y) told someone you hated them
(y) been in a taxi
(y)been to NYC
(y)been on a train
(y) been on an airplane
(y) left the country
(y) lied to someone you love
(y) wanted to die (age 15, and then, not really)
(y) felt everything was perfect (!)
(y)kissed someone of the same sex
( ) had a crush on someone of the same sex
(y) regretted kissing someone
* LDC bonus question:
(y) regretted not kissing someone
(y) been in love
(y) talked back
(y) taken a dance class
(y) went somewhere via subway
(y) went somewhere via horse
(y) went somewhere via monorail
(y) went somewhere via scooter
*LDC bonus question
(y) went somewhere in a boat/ferry/raft/ship via ocean/river/lake/canal
(y) snuck out (age 15 & a ceremonial rite of passage)
( ) gotten caught sneaking out
(y) been walked in on
( ) hated someone
(y) been in a fist fight (age 15 & a ceremonial rite of passage)
( ) broken a bone
( ) got surgery
(y) been made fun of (when not? sigh)
(y) kicked someones ass
(y) literally kicked someones ass (age 15 & a ceremonial rite of passage)
(y) wished you were someone else (age 15 & a ceremonial rite of passage)
(y) cried because you were happy
(y) made a layout
( ) failed a class
(y) tripped and fell on your face
(y) tripped and fell on your ass
(y) lost something important
(y) lost someone important (John)
(y) seen something you shouldn't have
*LDC's added bonus question:
(y) heard something you shouldn't have

who is...
your favorite person? my brother, after my deceased father, artist, Luis Cervantes
favorite band? "THIS ONE'S MY FAVORITE!" (FRPh)
the last person you kissed? romanticly? T
the best person ever? I'll let you think it's you.
your boyfriend/girlfriend? T
the one person you could tell anything? T
the sexiest person alive? T in the flesh
the person you're most afraid of? Depends upon who holds the key to the rescue, eg.
the person who's seen you naked the most? none of your business
someone you would seriously have killed if you could? my sexually abusive step-father (age 15 & a ceremonial rite of passage)
someone who you wouldn't mind living with? * LDC CORRECTION: Person with whom I wouldn't mind dwelling: a hurricane Katrina survivor hosted in my basement apartment, a poetry student from NOLA, or couple, even a same sex one, for one
someone you'd want to be buried beside? my grandmother
someone you'd want to marry? Uhmm the guy I just married after 6 years together.

posted by The Shadowpax @ 3:01 PM 2 comments  
*discovered from clicking randomly on a recently published blog on Blogger & modified by Lorna Dee Cervantes.


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