Sunday, October 16, 2005

Thank You to All the High School Students Who Attended My Workshop, "Writing Down the Grief: Mortals, Mourning, Memory & Immortalizing"

It was the best part of my visit to Washington. You were all so good and you wrote some really fine hay(na)ku. I'd really like to see if you tried the poem I suggested. (Maybe try the hay(na)ku to the Katrina photos at home.) I'd love to read them if you would email them to me. Thank you so much for the experience. You were a great group. You can find my email by clicking on my profile in the side bar.

And thanks to Harriet, Elissa, Deborah, Riccia and the National Museum of Women In the Arts for the opportunity to present my new work. I hope to return someday with a musical performance of poetry with my brother and pianist/composer, Gabriela Frank who performed there a couple of years ago. We presented together in an impromptu improvisational performance of "Sleeping Around (On Pablo's Birthday)" & "For My Ancestors Adobed In the Walls of the Santa Barbara Mission" at the Latina Letters Conference last summer--and she agreed to it! I'd love it. She's a gifted musician who also scores movies. Check her out!

P.S. Any teachers out there? Have Poems. Will travel. Always flexible about just about anything. I have an open schedule until I return to CU from my sabbatical in mid-January. Any colleges or universities want to help to bring poetry in the schools?


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