Sunday, October 16, 2005

10,100 Hits Since Cinco de Mayo!

Gracias a todos. Y'all come back, hear?


Blogger Brian Campbell said...

Sounds like you've aquired a fabulous following -- but maybe it could be even greater in number if the appearance of your blog in Internet Explorer were improved. On my computer, at least, it's a mess. (On the minority browsers Netscape & Firefox it's fine...) I have the same template as you -- what I call the black angel template, Minima Black -- and had the same problem until Geoff & AD suggested solutions that worked. Check yesterday's post & comments on my blog...


16/10/05 21:35  
Blogger 666poetry-finchnot said...

hip hip hooray!

lorna dee / i don't know if you got the message i left you in a post down below / /

thanx for the envelope full of good
things :)

i will write you soon / hope you had a wonderful weekend in washington

i'll talk to you soonj


17/10/05 09:03  
Blogger C. Dale said...

Nice having you in the blogosphere!

17/10/05 11:51  

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