Monday, October 24, 2005

Send Cash Donations to Help Those Stranded On Isla Mujeres

I know the two women organizing this aid effort, particularly Molly for whom I have high regard.

Please go to and send money to for direct aid to Isla Mujeres as soon as possible.

Then, send email telling her the amount and purpose. Please donate now to help bring food, water, tarps, medicine and animal aid (animal body retrieval). Go to forum at for more info. Be patient, server is in Mexico and presently over-loaded. Try refreshing several times or try late at night -- like now. ~ LDC
EuroObserver (364 posts)
Sun Oct-23-05 07:37 AM
Response to Original message

124. Update on immediate aid to Isla Mujeres

Update on immediate aid to Isla Mujeres

The quoted likely reliable source:

Subject: update for those wanting to help!!!
By: island girl (View Profile)
Created: 10/22/2005 11:13:30 PM

We have had a great response from you all. Im glad to see that you really want to help. Im sure some think that the work of two women isn't going to make a difference, but it will with your help. We have contacted crisis experts, doctors, vets, transportation services, private airlines, and our network of hundreds island lovers we've met over the years living on isla. And things are really coming together. So thanks a lot to those who are willing to help. We'll continually keep you updated, and if you need the donation info, its posted a bit below under "how you can help".

Here's how you can help:

Subject: Here's how you can help
By: island girl (View Profile)
Created: 10/22/2005 7:27:50 PM

We are collecting funds for the islanders to provide food, medicine, and temporary shelter. Molly will be leaving for the island as soon as we are able to enter. This may take days. We've been warned that the armada might not allow us to go right away. Im not sure if thats true. But as soon as we get the OK, we're going down to help.
As you all have seen from the news clips, the damage is immense to say the least. They are going to need so much help. So we are asking you to donate. Any amount is fine. Anything you can give. Even if its $20, that will buy 8 “dispensas” rations. That covers a family of 4 for a week. Rice, beans, cornflour, the basics. We need supplies too, clothes, medical supplies etc. But at this time we have no way to transport them, so if you can give money, please do. Molly and I were planning the next week to open our Art and Philanthropy gallery in Punta Mita, but this is to big to ignore. So we're putting it on hold and going to help. We have the time and drive to do this, as we both lived there for over four years. Most of you cant leave to help. But you can help by donating, so please do.

This is a message from Molly:
Rebecca and I are working on coordinating relief efforts for the islanders. Unfortunately, without communication, this is a hard task. So I have contacted disater relief people- experts- on how to prepare myself and what supplies will be needed. The main things are obvious, food, water, clothing, antibiotics and TARPS! Tarps and more tarps for shelter, protection and shade. Currently we don't know how Mexico is going to work with customs and allowing supplies in. In my experience heading spay and neuter clinics, customs can be really tough to work with. So the most immediate way you can help is through monetary donation. With donations we can purchase the materials needed in Mexico for the relief work. I am working on the collection of supplies and transportation for them. We have contacted a transportation company here inthe US who has worked with past crisis situations resulting from hurricanes. It looks like they can help get supplies brought to the island. But we don't know when. As soon as I know when I can get there safely I will be going along with my husband. My husband lived there for 10 years before we moved. There are many many friends and family from his hometown, as well as our old neighbors and community members. As we know more we will post.

For those who want to give, please e mail me at . I'll give you details on where to send the money to.

Thanks everyone. Chris is going to be amazed to see how everyone pulled together to help. And very touched to see that his site made it happen!
Main Page > Animals, Alison and public health....

Animals, Alison and public health....

Molly Fisher

10/23/2005 5:42:37 PM


I have spoken with Alison several times. She is in Merida with her husband Jeff. (They own Sunset Grill). They were only able to take 3 dogs. Rudi, who lives with them, stayed behind with 17. We have had no word. Jeff and Alison are, as you can imagine, worried sick about Rudi- so any news of that- send. And if anyone speaks to anyone on the island- make sure someone knows that he was there alone (well, with 17 dogs) AND a broken leg.
We have no idea where Delfino is. There are people that will be working to get him supplies that he lost due to this so he can continue his amazing work. Any word on him or location, PLEASE send.
I have been in contact with the HSUS disater releif team as to advice etc... and there will most likely be backup help in that area if needed. The immediate concern is to get the dead animals bagged and mass buried to stop and spread of disease. I have worked extensivley with the Ecology Department on Isla in the past. Once there, this is a priority to the islanders health and I will make sure that it happens. I was told that big black garbage bags will be my best friend for a while if this is anything like they experienced in the Tsunami or Katrina.

I have over $3000 of supplies ready to be put to use as soon as we get there. But that won't last long. We need more cash for tarps, medicines etc..... Please donate.

We are working on how and when we will be able to arrive. We will have more info soon. But it will be at least a few days until we are fully prepared and to secure safe transport. Disater zones are dangerous zones. I am working on being able to arrive by plane directly to Isla. As that will be safest and fastest.

Please donate. These people need you now more than ever.

Donate on to


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