Friday, October 20, 2006

"To David Without Goliath From Penny Glass" - Lorna Dee's Odeo Audio Poem

I hope this works. Here's a recording of a long narrative poem I wrote a while ago. It's published in DRIVE: The First Quartet" in BIRD AVE. I really like it. But am really unsure about it on the page. I especially like reading it out loud but rarely get the chance to because it's so long. The recording runs a little over 8 minutes, like 8.04. If you can hear this, I'd like any and all feedback. You can also check out some other poems I have recorded and which aired on MiPo radio, along with me reading a few long ee cummings poems - just because I want to.

powered by ODEO

Try to hear more. Thanks!


Anonymous Nezua Limón Xolagrafik-Jonez said...

Well, first off, the mechanics of it are an improvement. I mean, the recording part. No pops on the mic, and your voice and inflection carries so much stronger without competing with background music. This one really feels musical in spots. So many great moments. I should have taken notes of lines. Different flavors, personas, feelings coming through. Honestly, to comment on any narrative elements, i'd have to listen a few times. But the overall feeling is poignant, a bit bitter. I love the hints of self-recrimination...not to be reductive by labeling everything. I hope you don't take offense. There's just a sort of ...wistfulness tinged with self-reproach that I felt...yet, it never seems to go all the way into hunting out a resolution, or a conclusion to the feelings. Which I think I like.

It's very interesting. And enjoyable to listen to. Thank you.

21/10/06 10:39  
Blogger Sheryl said...

Hi Lorna,
I don't have a soundcard on my computer. I'll try to check it out at work.

22/10/06 15:14  

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