Monday, January 23, 2006

"Unconscious Mutterings #155 On 1/23/06"


  1. Alone:: in a forest of wake/ you discover the
  2. Science:: of take, the anatomy of giving.
  3. Deposit:: a bone in the bank of heart,
  4. Faithful:: to a core, defining
  5. Tender:: in the mash, in the cross-hatch of memory:
  6. Chocolate:: and caramel poetry,
  7. Homework:: and hanks of hair, the
  8. Tamper:: proof profit of a lie.
  9. Friend::, would summer lie?/ We try, a
  10. Wire:: between us fine as the unseen dream.

Type your own typecasts, cast your own casings at The Subliminal Luna Niña.


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