Monday, January 23, 2006

Link to My Poem Excerpt on NPR - Latino USA Broadcast Schedule - And, What? Me Tell A Blonde Joke?

I've been fighting off the flu this week - weakened and flemmy, I feel like Proust. My son was home all last week after break with it. We both sound like characters in a Dostoevsky novel. And that's where my novel's gone this month. Consumption. Me to Elisabeth Sheffield this week: "I'm afraid that I'm going to open the door and they'll all be gone home." That, and starting teaching again after a year. It didn't take me long to rediscover that I love it. I DO NOT LOVE FIRST DAY! Yikes, all those people looking at you. I hate first day of class. I wish I was a waitress in a Filipino restaurant again, I would go hide in the back until the customers gave up and went away.

I'm just glad the worst of it waited until after my readings & the NPR Latino USA taping. They were going to run snippets of hay(na)ku poems as fillers between pieces on the New Year's show last week and throughout the year, but decided to run Section II of the "Coffee" poem this week. I had a feeling that's what would happen. I really like the way the last section (there are 6) came out, and I'll probably try and podcast it on my My Space site soon. They might still air it at the end of the year, to also remember the massacre. I heard it Sunday, listening, as always, to Cancion Mexicana and Flo aired it. (Thanks, Flo! It meant more because it was you.) Who knows what will air when, as stations and people pick up and use what they want. Here's a list of stations that air it in its entirety (29 minutes). My poems airs towards the end, or is the end of the program. Scroll down this blog to link to hear my poem excerpt only. After hearing it on a brilliant sunday afternoon, I turned to T and said, "Well, that must have bummed out someone's sunday." Interesting, what they ended up cutting. Search this site for "Coffee" for a link to an earlier version of the poem. I may post the whole poem at the MySpace site, a place where I'll be posting poems and links to my poems.

You can also order a copy of DRIVE: The First Quartet, my new book which is a literary pentych of five books in one clothbound edition directly from me for a mere $25. You can use my Amazon Honor link or paypal. Or send it to my university address for an autographed copy. You can also order from Wings Press or your favorite distributor (Small Press Distribution - SPD) or local bookstore. (Classroom orders, best to order directly from Wings for quick attention.) Reviewers: email me and I'll pass it on to Bryce.

And, as always - now that my health has improved: Have poems. Will travel! Then you can hear the whole poem live.
And, what? Me tell a blonde joke? Not my cup of peroxide, but . . .
I'll let a blonde tell it: my favorite blonde, my astrologer (really!) Fishing Guide to the Stars, Kramer Wetzel:
Guaranteed Best Blonde Joke. This one is worth following the link. Be patient.


Blogger Robin said...

I've always felt that way about first days. Congrats on the new book. Hope you feel better SOOOOON.

24/1/06 09:25  

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