Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"Coffee" by Lorna Dee Cervantes - Link to Poem Excerpt Read on Latino USA

Here's the link to an earlier version of my long poem, "Coffee," which I posted at the beginning of the blog. I'll be placing the text of the poem from my book, DRIVE: The First Quartet at my new site: "The Poems, the Whole Poem, And Nothing But The Poem" soon.

NPR - Latino USA is airing an excerpt of Section II of this poem throughout the country all this week until Friday.

*NOTE: There's no stanza or section breaks or accents on this version. The poem, for its content, is -- evidently -- highly unpublishable and highly excerptable. Both new words to my 'puter's dictionary. But such is the life of Xicanerati con tinta.
link to definitive text until I get poem back up:
  • Coffee

  • fragmento del poema "Café" en Español desde Carmen Esconde:
  • Cafe_fragmento

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