Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thursday Sweet Thirteen

13 Super Sweet Morsels about Lorna Dee Cervantes

1. I used to save cats in my junior high school locker.

2. I moved out on my own at 17 years old.

3. Yesterday I had a meltdown discovering I'd lost about 3 pages of prose -- and some of it may have even been close to good. I tried to replace them, but, nah, not the same -- good time to have a photographic memory, when working with inferior software.

4. Yesterday I had a meltdown discovering the four hours I spent scanning my letters, cards & a postcard were for not as my computer crashed and nothing was saved, but I didn't realize it until morning after i had already posted the letters. My only solace was that most of the scans were in B/W when the cards & sticker art were in color. DOH!

5. Today I said to Brenda: "There's something to be said about someone who grew up with 5 locks on the bedroom door." Or, thought I did.

6. Tonight I'm overwhelmed by the devastation from Stan in Chiapas, Campeche, Oaxaca and Vera Cruz. In Tapachulas 6,000 families have been swept away in their homes and presumed dead. All bridges, roads and communication are down. The city is an island cut-off from all contact. "The river had become the sea." ~ an eye-witness.

7. I HATE HURRICANES! (an equal opportunity destroyer

8. My poem for Deborah has to do with rivers. I lost the lines I walked my son to school with this yesterday, the lines I said in my head while looking into the (dry) red rock of the impossibly clear-headed Flatirons. My lifelong poetic obssession has been with rivers. Some day they'll tell me what they want me for. "A Negro Speaks of Rivers" -- " soul has grown deep like the river."

9. I'm secretly proud of my dangling participles. They are like wicked homegirls in rolled-up pleated Catholic girl uniform skirts.

10. I felt guilty today about being glad for raising my son in Boulder instead of San Jose where I was raised with all of the Reaganville locos foaming and loafing on the streets all day -- you never knew when Machete Man would accost you on First Street or Blanket Man stink up the periodical section of the public library. I'm guilty for shielding him from the poverty and misery I grew up in.

11. I felt guilty today for not ever having suffered from depression. I don't know why. Maybe my constant optimism and upbeat dailiness is a sign of madness? I don't know what to do to help other than feed people. It's depressing.

12. I seem happier and better adjusted when I'm not typing super sweet morsels on thursday. I actually thought today, while walking up the mesa to pick up my son & his cello from school: "I, too, will probably 'die on a thursday.'"

13. I forget. But you knew that.

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Blogger Billy Jones said...

Howdy Lorna, thought I'd pop in to let you know you made the list of 100 Blogging Poets In 100 Days.

Good luck with Drive.

7/10/05 03:33  
Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Thanks Billy! I'm thrilled. Such good company. Great idea.

7/10/05 10:07  

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