Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Reach Out And wRiGHte Someone Today - A Blue Meme

If you're reading this, email someone whose blog you read & admire for their address now. Write & mail a letter if you're feeling blue and think they are too. Include something cherished. (post art!) Let me know if you do. ps - beware! oops, forgot BC is a foreign country! Make sure you include the correct postage. (Overheard in Blogville: "How much is a stamp?") 37 cents, last I counted, in Aztlan. And, btw, I don't count, I'm expecting something cool from Nick! Try for someone who hasn't received one yet.

Thanks to penpal Ver for this light, for keeping the pens and friends flowing.

~ C - ya stranger-friend


Blogger ver said...

So excellent, Lorna Dee! Keep that ink flowing...

5/10/05 21:43  

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