Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Cool Rant In Blogville: Ernesto Priego On Lazy Bloggers With An Attitude

"Thank you all for your comments, words of encouragement and critique.

I did not mean to pass judgement on my fellow bloggers either. I just thought, well, if you are going to have a blog... stick to it, take care of it, make it grow. Treat it with love. I have been very saddened to see many blogs that just get started and are quickly abandoned.

For some people blogs are their only creative outlets. For others (like myself) it is just another medium to communicate stuff I have to say/express. I, too, have worried about blogging taking much time off my writing and lesson-planning time, but it is only a matter of time organization. I'd rather "waste" time reading blogs I like than watching television or playing video games, that's for sure.

I titled my post "Rant" for a reason. Rants are not supposed to be objective, logically-structured sentences. I just got upset by this guy thinking that his "published" work is more "real" than what he posts on his blog. He had the time to post "I don't have time to post so don't bother me", so he could have written something much more interesting instead.

For me, blogging has allowed me to think stuff I could have not imagined any other way, to establish contact with people I wouldn't have ever dreamed of meeting or of them reading my work. Most of my hay(na)ku exercises, for example, have been directly written in the computer and immediately transferred to my blog template. Some, like the Cities series, were inspired by the experience of blogging (those cities are all cities I have blogged from and which have all appeared constantly, recently, in my dreams), and wouldn't exist were it not for other blogger-poets who have inspired, criticized and encouraged my work/blogging.

Before blogging, I had published some poetry (and had won a couple of minor poetry contests) but I considered myself mainly an essayist. Every fellowship I have ever won has been under the "Essay" category. By blogging I started to write more and more poetry, (and, remember, in a language that is not 'mine', from a society that lives in Spanish, not English), and has allowed me to read poetry that is being written right now and that I wouldn't have been able to read were it not for blogs.

The blog allows and does not allow certain things to happen. It is a different medium in its singularity. As a technical medium/resource/environment, it has certain demands/exigences/possibilities that need to be considered/thought/criticized/.

When writing an email, do you or don't you expect someone to be behind that account? Most of the times, do you expect a response or not? Would you or wouldn't you expect someone to give you his/her active email account, and not just some old, abandoned hotmail one? I guess an abandoned or empty blog can be compared with an email account which is not used anymore. The name behind it left it and did not say where to.

I don't know, it's this feeling of abandonment I get from finding out that yet another blog has been left there, inactive, without life. Its author had "something real" to do, I guess.

I have found out that some people open blogspot blogs only to be able to leave comments in boxes like this, but DO NOT have a blog of their own. This is a related topic that would make me rant too. No se vale nomás ver. O todos coludos, o todos rabones.

As I remember posting once in my blog:

What happens to a blog deferred?

[Comments] posted by Ernesto : 1:27 PM"
My thoughts exactly! ~ LDC
Read more on Jean Vengua's Okir. And do read Ernesto Priego's stunningly crafted "The Tenth City" on Never Neutral.


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