Monday, October 03, 2005

Ha! Thnx 2 Brian Wilson, LDC & New Orleans Make Today's Top Ten!

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Brian Wilson To Phone Disaster Relief Donors
17 hours ago  by Anonymous

Brian Wilson has set a challenge for Americans everywhere. For each person who donates $100 to the Hurricane Katrina relief fund through his website, the Beach Boy will give a personal phone call. In addition to the call, he will match ...

The Cosmic American -    
Donate $100, get a call from Brian Wilson
28 Sep 2005  by Brad

Donate $100, get a call from Brian Wilson - Brian Wilson will apparently call you on the phone if you donate $100 or more towards Katrina relief efforts.

Brad Sucks -    
Katrina: Donate $100, get a call from Brian Wilson...
30 Sep 2005  by mblind

Katrina: Donate $100, get a call from Brian Wilson If you donate $100 to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, Brian Wilson (the Beach Boy) will call you on the phone. Wilson "Here's my challenge: For anyone who sends a donation of $100 or ...

KINGBLIND: Music, Art & Entertainment -    
Brian Wilson On Your Phone
26 Sep 2005 

Serious news out of the R&B world this morning: Brian Wilson has been demonstrating an unusually generous spirit in thanking people who've donated to his Katrina benefit fund through the Beach Boy has been ...

music filter -    
Get a call from Brian Wilson
29 Sep 2005 

Brian Wilson, known mostly for his work with The Beach Boys, is offering a unique incentive to contribute to a fund benefiting hurricane victims. If you donate $100 or more to the fund, Brian Wilson will call you to say hello or answer ...

Wysz's Thoughts v.Awesome -    
Talk to Brian Wilson Today!
30 Sep 2005  by Daily Kos

I don't know how many folks know about this, but rock-and-roll god Brian Wilson will call you at home and answer a question for a $100 hurricane relief donation given via his site. If that's not good enough, Brian will also match your ...

Daily Kos -    
Want to Talk to Brian Wilson?
30 Sep 2005  by Desktop Publisher

Brian Wilson and his wife came up with a unique way to help Hurricane Katrina victims. If you donate more than $100 to the charity of their choice, Brian Wilson will call you up to say hello and answer a question you may have. ...

The Day Jobs -    
Brian Wilson said...
28 Sep 2005  by dkgoodman

Beach Boy Brian Wilson says: "Melinda and I came up with a great idea. We can make a bigger difference for the hurricane victims who have been left homeless and in shelters. Here's my challenge: For anyone who sends a donation of $100 ...

eMusings -    
wow: Donate $100, get a call from Brian Wilson
28 Sep 2005  by Justin

wow: Donate $100, get a call from Brian Wilson.

justinsomnia neatlinks -    
Posted Today On Brian Wilson's Message Board: Yea!! He Just Called ...
22 hours ago  by Lorna Dee Cervantes

It was SO COOL!! And, best part, my son is now a true Beach Boys/ Brian Wilson fan. And, I hope he practices his keyboard & guitar... GOOD VIBRATIONS!!! All life long... © Copyright 2005 Brian Wilson. All rights reserved.

Lorna Dee Cervantes -    

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Who's Brian Wilson & The Beach Boys? Lorna Dee Ce. recommends the compilation, Songs of Summer, followed closely by Pet Sounds. Note the dates. (And remember: I was always precocious.) Then go wild and catch the groove of your wave -- Tu onda es tu onda.
Ha! I never did get to pitch my Memphis Minnie movie to him, the early part of which is set in Algiers. Or that I just rewrote the script to make my Chicana researcher at Berkeley in 1971-73 a secret Beach Boys/ Brian Wilson fan. Hmmmm, too much chanting...


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