Sunday, October 02, 2005

Posted Today On Brian Wilson's Message Board: Yea!! He Just Called! He Sang Happy Birthday to My 11 Year Old Son! - $210,000 Raised (for NOLA)!

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YEA!! He Just called! He sang Happy Birthday to my 11 year old son! $210,000! Too excited to remember to wish you happy birthday, Melinda.

(posted by Lorna Dee Cervantes on October 2, 2005)

The long distance ring totally crashed my hard-drive, so to speak. I started flinging papers in the air, print outs of board messages & the like. He asked for my son who picked up on the downstairs phone. He asked him about his birthday which was celebrated yesterday, then sang happy birthday for him -- in its entirety. He thanked him for his $100 donation which my son responded to kind of blankly, so I piped up and said my son was a budding guitarist and that I wanted to encourage him with his music. Then he wished him a great day -- and started to hang up. My son said, "mom, don't you want to tell him the story?" And I said, deciding against telling "The Story." "I have a poem I'd like to read you." "That won't be necessary," he said. (This makes me laugh out loud; and will for the rest of my life. He's more honest than most!) I told him that I was a poet and university professor -- due, in part, to him and his music. "It's a poem I dedicated to you and posted to the board." "You want to read me a poem you wrote? Uh, that won't be necessay." He repeated again. "It's a poem about New Orleans." "New Orleans? Oh." "Yes, and to Clarence Gatemouth Brown." "Oh!" he said, "for Clarence?" (the man who taught Stevie Ray Vaughn to play guitar) "Yes," I said, "to Clarence." "Well then, okay, go ahead and read it." I did. (You can read it here, at Poets Who Support Survivors, a site for poetry by poets who have donated to the hurricane relief effort,, or read other poets poems at the site, and it's also published at, a Hurricane Katrina poetry site - "A Blue Wake for New Orleans." The poem has been selected for an anthology of Katrina poems by and for survivors to be published soon.) The poem ends on the repeated refrain: "And a nothing you can do." So I said, as soon as I ended, "Thank YOU for doing something!" "Thank you," he said, "for the poem." I think. I admit. The rest is heart=stopping blur. But my husband who was listening in says that yes, he thanked me for the poem. I did answer: "Thank you -- for my life." I got the distinct impression that he didn't want to hear any lauditory remarks. He was focused on the fundraising effort -- and my son. It was SO COOL!! And, best part, my son is now a true Beach Boys/ Brian Wilson fan. And, I hope he practices his keyboard & guitar... GOOD VIBRATIONS!!! All life long...

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Blogger Okir said...

wow. that is so totally cool!!!!

2/10/05 17:21  

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