Wednesday, September 28, 2005

TACK IT UP! TACK IT UP! - 'OooOooOoo/ You Don't Know What I Got!

"Gotta be cool now./ Power-shift here we go!"

"My pressure plate's burning/ And the sheaths' too much"

"Now the 413/ He's starting to spin. //
He's part of family legend/ But it's understood/ I got a full-injected engine/ Sittin' under my hood...".


"It happened on the strip/ Where the road is wide..."
Decling numbers/ And uneven rate/ At the count of one/
We both accelerate!"

Sorry, sometimes I just gotta sing. I think it's doctor's orders. I've been listening to this song all day. It helps me write. Sometimes, you just zone it out, after you've heard it a few hundred times. Then the "rearranging" of "molecules" begins. I got the idea for another Hurricane Katrina poem entitled "They Hang On" that I'm trying to work on. Different, that, then the gifts of poems that just come to you. This one's loving labor.

And, to tell you that you have two days left to donate to DIRECT HURRICANE KATRINA/ Rita relief for homeless and displaced survivors from New Orleans set up by the Melinda and Brian Wilson Fund. (What, you didn't know I was a Beach Girl? Heck, my cousins invented surfing as we know it. It's a little known fact that surfing was invented by Chicanos in Santa Barbara at least 60 years ago when there was a diverse community of Filipino/Pilipino/Tagalog speaking peoples there who worked in the sugar industry in Hawaii. Hawaii? California natives? poverty? big waves? .... Anyway, I'm the Original California Girl, I always knew the Beach Boys were singing to me in Surfer Girl. But, surf? Heck no! I'm a Beachcomber. I collect drift. I'm with Brian Wilson, I'm afraiddaduh ocean. That's why, I HATE HURRICANES! And planning to conduct extensive archival research in New Orleans/ Algiers, but I put it off through the years, and during hurricane season. My heart, like Brian's and yours, breaks for New Orleans and the people of the Gulf region. We are all "Missing New Orleans" and we all want to help. So, while researching for a fundraiser coming up in Boulder, and monitoring the news of Rita approaching the Gulf all night/s, I came across this fan site, Brian's actual website. Like me (I notice that none of the other chingón's or chingona's allow comments on their blogs, beside Luis Urrea, who's never there), Brian - who IS NOT like me, reads and answers comments on his fan board, time permitting, of course. So, anyway, he challenged a fan who doubted he was "real" to contribute to the work his friend was doing (real boards, real food, real medicine, real elbow-grease, real diapers, and MUSIC right now to those who need it right now) he would call him, personally, at home, to thank him and "answer any questions he might have." Not only that, Brian & Melinda will MATCH ANY DONATIONS! Got a local school? Friends in high places. Your mother? Whomever has $100+ plus to donate via a paypal account, let them keep a receipt and you get the call. Or, don't. I want him all for me. Brian Wilson is a real poet. Go to and click on messages. Then click the link at the top of the board - not the RED CROSS link, as you have to get the address of Brian's "friend" (ha!) and get a pay pal account verification then send an email to "Jerry's" email account, and Brian calls within a a few hours, or you can arrange an approximate time from 7:00 am-9:30 pm PST, of course. Scroll through messages to find my hokey story (I have to write down what I'm going to say or I just go ballistically aphasic) thanking him for his genius, and accrediting his introspection as an influence. "In my roooooooommm..."

"SHUT IT OFF! SHUT IT OFF, BUDDY!" Now, if that ain't a song of Xicanismo, I don't know what is: "But the 413's really kicking in..." I knew it at age 8. The song cheers me up. And isn't that what it's all about? "Two cool sharks/ standing side-by-side..." And the stomach to dance. Even, hope.

Or, La Profe wouldn't be here now. Hear?

"Now the 413/ He's starting to spin."

First person to guess what song this is from gets a personalized autographed first edition of DRIVE: The First Quartet hand-carried from Wash., DC. (No cheating, researchers. Some things, you just gotta know.)

"Pedal's to the floor...

* addendum: Heck, donate to Belinda and Brian Wilson Fund between now and Oct. 1, know the answer to the question, and *I'll call you* just to to get the scoop on your call from Brian. And to get your address to send you my autographed books, as do that, and I'll throw in a copy of my soon-to-be-rare-and-valuable chapbook: And The Earth Did Not Forget Them. Hmmm, not an inppropriate title. Payday Friday! I CAN'T WAIT! Maybe I'll have the nerve to pitch my Memphis Minnie movie: Pigmeat: The Life & Times of Memphis Minnie. Heck, I actually wrote in another scene where my character, a Chicana & former child farmworker researching Blues in the anthropology department at UC Berkeley in 1973, is a secret Beach Boys/ Brian Wilson fan.

*confession ("Why? Because we like you!"): I had a very romantic weekend starting friday night when I was telling T about Brian's offer. I knew he had Beach Boys or I wouldn't have married him. "No" he says, in answer to "You have Beach Boys, no? You got any Brian Wilson?" Then, at the end, when he sheepishly comes out with "Sounds of Summer" and "Pet Sounds", which I knew he had from snooping on his shelves when we were first dating; he says: "I didn't think you liked the Beach Boys!" We came out to each other. Even slow-danced which I had no idea he knew how to do (I don't), but he's a very cool, bluesy Dr. Loco kinda dancer. Hot. cool iPodville, here I come. Tack it up!

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