Sunday, September 25, 2005

Basho's Poetry

"Zen - Basho's poetry

There was once a great Japanese poet named Basho. He was a very bright young man, and as a serious Buddhist he had studied many sutras. He thought that he understood Buddhism. One day he paid a visit to Zen Master Takuan. They talked for a long time. The Master would say something and Basho would respond at length, quoting from the most profound and difficult sutras. Finally, the Master said, "You are a great Buddhist, a great man. You understand everything. But in all the time we have been talking, you have only used the words of the Buddha or of eminent teachers. I do not want to hear other people's words. I want to hear your own words, the words of your true self. Quickly now - give me one sentence of your own."

Basho was speechless . . . . Suddenly there was a sound in the monastery garden. Basho turned to the Master and said,

Still pond ...
a frog jumps in ...
The splash.

The Master laughed out loud and said, "Well now! These are the words of your true self!" Basho laughed too. He had attained enlightenment.


posted by dave, April 20, 2005, at 10:53 PM at Elephant Eyes, a photo blog.


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