Saturday, September 24, 2005

Good Vibrations - Original California Girl (Montecito Chumash) Supports Melinda & Brian Wilson Fund: Here's $100 Donation - CALL ME!

To the sound poet of The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson
FROM BW.COM Administrator: Important Message from Melinda and Brian

(posted by Administrator on September 24, 2005)

Brian, Jerry and I want to thank you all for your massive support. Since yesterday, we have received 3,000.00 worth of donations from all you guys and gals. As you know, this turns in to 6,000.00 since Brian is matching your donations. He wants me to tell you to keep those donations rolling in, and he is enjoying talking with all of you. ****(ORIGINAL MESSAGE AND CHALLENGE) from Brian: I want to personally thank Iowa Jim for his post the other night challenging me to call him. Out of his post came a cool idea that my wife and I want to run by you. Jim challenged me to call him up, because he did not believe that it was me posting. He told me if I did he would make a donation to a charity for me. I didn't think I needed to prove anything other than at times I like to talk with you guys. Anyway, Melinda and I were discussing his post that night at dinner and we came up with a great idea. So here's the cool part. As most of you know Jerry Boyd has been collecting donations for the Hurricane victims who have been left homeless and in shelters. He told us at this point he has collected around $4,000. and many of you have send items too. He is grateful, but we want to make a bigger difference. Here's my challenge, for anyone who sends Jerry a donation of $100.00 or more, I will call you personally and answer a question that you may have, or just say hello or whatever. Also, my wife and I will match the donation. I know that this may not work for all of you, but anything that you can afford will help and I will match it. You can contact Jerry Boyd at and he can tell you how to proceed from there. I hope we can all have some fun with this and raise lots of money. L&M Brian P.S. Melinda is typing this for me and says hi! We will keep this challenge going until Oct. 1 and I am available to call you between 7:00 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. Pacific time."

"I Hate Hurricanes. I love Brian Wilson! - California Girl (Chumash) Fundraising to Help Displaced NOLA Musicians & Poets

(posted by Lorna Dee Cervantes on September 24, 2005) (sometime around 5:20 am)

. . . and getting the word out to help kids help kids get MUSIC to displaced kids QUICK. I just judged a poetry contest, which I also donated to, to help raise $400 dollars last week for The Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund at a group poetry blog,, and donated an additional $100 on Blog for Relief Day (Week, Month. . .). I've also been rounding up poets from the affected creative writing programs, particularly NOLA. Also there is housing available, all levels: temporary to permanent no-down, low-cost just outside of Boulder, Colorado specifically for displaced New Orleans musicians. (As you know, Denver/Boulder has a vibrant music scene — you were here!) The housing is open to anyone displaced, but a local musician with ties to NOLA musicians set it up and so far no one has accepted it as, as you can imagine, these musicians are hard to find. Any Poets? Artists? Buskers? Know of any MUSICIANS who are not likely to be found behind a keyboard that wasn't hooked up to an amp or strings. Friday was the deadline, but I'm sure, in light of recent levee breaches, that deadline will be extended. just in case anyone needs help, or a group would like to rest on solid (dry) granite for a while. There are people & networks here to help. I've been up all night monitoring via NOAA-HC and local NOLA, Gulf media sites. I hate hurricanes and did a lot of connecting indigenous tribes trapped under tons of mud in Oaxacan village after the hurricane hit there south of Acapulco via my computer, little puny modem, language and research skills. I HATE HURRICANES! I think it's because I come from a Pacific tribe. Anyway, it's funny because I had "Good Vibrations" in my head as I will the dissipating and cooling of energies as I watch the live satellite loops. It's a secret compulsion. Childish. But I felt guilty because I didn't do it for Katrina -- too unscientific. Not prayer. An emptying of the mind and entering into it. (True confession.) Anyway, as I've been doing it the hurricane has lowered to a 3 from 5, and NOLA has been hit with a TS instead of a cat 3. Never under-estimate the power of the elements, or the equal power of intent. And Good Vibrations. Yes, Brian, as Carlos says, you rearrange molecules with your compositions. And, now, to click onto the source of the sound, himself. Trippy. See my poem, "A Blue Wake For New Orleans" posted below. Lots of links & info on my blog, as well as Katrina poems and a "I Hate Hurricanes" links section. Just scroll September - late aug. archives. And, I'm sure I'm not the only poet inspired into being by Brian. If you've donated to Hurricane Relief there is a link to Poets Who Support Survivors who are posting poems, and will later be editing a print anthology of the best. Sorry this is so long. I wanted to post this right away. I just found this site tonight while reading Picayune Times. Brilliant idea! I can't find the info to send donation to Jerry. My son is a budding guitarist & digeridoo player (hero SRV) and is having an 11th birthday party Saturday. I'd love to have him get a call between now and then (B-Day Thursday but I get paid on friday, kinda donated out this month.) After playing the repertoire for him, of course. THANK YOU!!! Muchísimas gracias por todo. July 26 is a Global Day of Love & Thanks to Water. A surfer gives this every day, every dawn, every wave — which is we. There ought to be more. ~ To balance. Lorna Dee Cervantes"


Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Message to all my Po' Blogging Buddies & Buddies of Po'Blo' Buddies (I love how the waiter in Las Vegas calls An Awefully Serious Girl, "Buddy"): You may not know this but my Santa Barbara cousins invented surfing.

Peace to all oceans. Love and thanks to you.


24/9/05 12:40  

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