Friday, September 23, 2005

Project Katrina - For All Kids - Rosie O'Donnell Puts Her Money Where Her Heart Is: $3,000,000

"Rosie's For All Kids Foundation was founded 9 years ago by Rosie to help kids around the country, and we're launching a special project called "Project Katrina" to help kids affected by Hurricane Katrina. The Foundation has donated $3 million to this project. You can join Rosie in making a contribution to this project to help the children affected by Hurricane Katrina:

Rosie and the board have directed that $1 million be spent immediately to meet emergency short-term needs of children and their families; $2 million will be devoted over a longer period to build and rebuild child-related facilities. To support this work with a credit card donation, visit:

One hundred percent of your donation will go to help these children and their families. In other words, none of of the money you contribute will be used to support our overhead expenses.

A Foundation team is on its way to Baton Rouge, LA to learn first-hand how we can best provide immediate help. We'll update you about our findings over the next several days.

On behalf of Rosie and the board, many thanks for your support.


Sandy Cobden
Executive Director of the For All Kids Foundation

P.S. If you work at a non-profit serving children affected by Hurricane Katrina, and you're interested in applying for a grant, visit our website for details:"


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