Friday, September 23, 2005

La Locura Cura* - Relief Through Music @ Kimya Dawson 4 Displaced Teens: "i am just imagining having my cat die without listening to sting."


  • GAWD! THIS BREAKS MY HEART. I know you were also a geeky teen (pre-teen!) music freak - probably hard to get stuff, too - and too smart & sensitive for your own good. Help find these kids, now displaced by Rita. And help them help other kids & teen survivors of Katrina. Mp3s, iPods, CDs, tape recorders, old Walkmans (men?), karioki machines, blank sheet music composition paper, whatever, send it to these kids (but check Texas addresses first). Throw in some gel pens & blank books while you're at it. Poetry books. Gloria Velásquez novels. Laptops, server space (can't we get the companies to donate?) Yeah!
    "i can't imagine being a teenager and going through tough times without my music.

    and i am just imagining having my cat die without listening to sting. or being too shy to talk to ed without being able to listen to debbie gibson. or being pissed off about having to clean my room without having a suicidal tendencies cd to throw stuff around to. or driving around aimlessly without the violent femmes. or ending a fight with my brother without blasting metallica.

    imagine losing your home, all of your possessions, and members of your family, some of your friends...and just sitting in a strange place. being told you can't go back AT LEAST for 2 months, but maybe FOREVER.

    it might help a little to put on some headphones and escape.

    so please help in any way you can. feel free to donate money too. this way if sheila and her friends meet anyone with a request for an album they are desperate to own again they can go get them a copy.

    you can send your donations to:

    Sheila Jozami
    11423 Birchwood
    Humble, TX

    Sheila and her friends are volunteering at the Astrodome and will distribute donations to teens relocated there and to other locations in the Houston area.


    Daniel Hyde Schexnaydre
    17120 Hwy 73
    Prairieville, LA

    Daniel is a student at a Baton Rouge high school that has gotten 300 new students in the past week. He will distribute music directly to new students at his school. You can also contact him at about booking house shows.


    Lauren Culwell
    923 W Sycamore #11
    Denton, TX

    Lauren is a good friend of mine who will be distributing donations to teens who have been relocated to the Denton/Dallas area.


    Meagan Day
    131 W. Lynwood
    San Antonio, TX

    Meagan is a 17 year old high school student who will distribute donations to
    teens in shelters in San Antonio.


    Suki-Rose Etter
    4210 N. Saranac Dr.
    Tucson, AZ 87518

    Suki-Rose is an 18 year old in Arizona. Her and her friends will take
    donations to teens in the Tucson Convention Center.


    Miriam Conner
    8101 willet trail
    Austin,TX 78745

    miriam wrote this to me:
    "ok well i am a 16 year old black girl who wants to help out. I am from new
    orleans but i've lived in austin for 14 years my parents own a new orleans
    style restaurant on the east side of austin called Gene's Poboy's i had
    family in new orleans so i know what the New Orleaniens are going through.
    I would hand out the cd players and walkmans to the kids my self down at the
    convention center in austin, texas. i'd get my friends to help me deliver
    and hand out things. i'd get the things from donations from my school and
    any other school i can reach and also from anyone who wants to send things
    to me. i'll accept all. ~~much peace and love~~~Miriam"

    Carmen is willing to have people in Europe ship donations to her in Germany
    and she will put together big packages and pay shipping to the United

    Carmen Gottschall
    Ederstrasse 3
    63303 Dreieich

    Her email address is

    Please bring donations to my September shows in Ireland and the U.K. and
    they will be shipped to The United States by our good friends at LOCAL KID.

    You can take/send you donations to the Brighton and Hove Albion Football
    Club Ticket Office and they will forward it on to the U.S.

    Albion Ticket Office
    5 Queens Road
    BN1 3WA

    for more info:

    Read more at Kimya Dawson - Relief Through Music

    * "The craziness cures."


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