Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Happy Birthday, Leonard Cohen!

  • Leonard Cohen Files

  • "And you know that she's half-crazy
    But that's why you want to be there."


    Blogger Leggitnaughty said...

    Greetings from Grays, essex England! Never heard of it? Why should you have?
    During a random search of the blogs I have found your site. If you fancy a laugh, check me out at:

    21/9/05 23:10  
    Blogger Nick said...

    I would rather that Montreal be remembered for giving us a Leonard Cohen and not a Celine Dion. Happy birthday, Leonard!

    22/9/05 05:57  
    Blogger zydeco fish said...

    Leonard's birthday should be an international holiday.

    22/9/05 07:06  
    Blogger Ernesto said...

    Funny, I woke up today singing That's no way to say good-bye... I swear!

    22/9/05 07:54  
    Blogger gingerivers said...

    Wonderful writer, incredible voice.

    22/9/05 09:15  
    Blogger gingerivers said...

    Have the blog spammers found a way to bypass word verification??

    22/9/05 09:18  
    Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

    Oh Goodie! Leonard Cohen fans! Sheesh, would I even BE a poet without him? You know, every other time I've voiced that, I've said, "Nah. Sure I would." This time, I don't know. I've loved him since I was a child. I started writing poetry at age 8. Same time. I had a copy of his early poetry when I was around 12, I've always counted him as an early poetic influence and as one of those neglected poets. (YEA, let's get Leonard in the Norton!) Funny to think of the role he's played in the birth of Chicana literature: "And she's wearing rags and feathers. . .".

    In case cartoon characters don't count (I am actually, physically, mentally, spiritually in love with Sherman, Mr. Peabody's pet boy. Quite unrequited. Somebody help me.), I should have had him at the top of my list of "celebrity crushes." Man, does that man ever age? He was sexy then, as an "old man" and he's even better now. I caught him doing his new tune on the new cd, an anti-war song — he just breaks my heart he's SO COOL. He is the epitome of beat. Must be all that meditation.

    Did you see the scoop on his financial ruin? He's like us now, living off $20-30 Gs post-taxes. Let's all make him rich again.

    Hmmm, I just realized I OWN absolutely no Leonard Cohen. I give the books to my students and never get them back. And, all the Leonard Cohen music has belonged to my partners, which was why they were my partners in the first place.

    You listening, Leonard? We love you.

    22/9/05 09:36  
    Blogger gingerivers said...

    RE: His fiancial ruin. I try not to/participate in gossip. Talk is cheap, apparently. That's what I've been told.

    I don't have any of his recordings, and I don't live on $30,000 a year. I guess that doesn't make me a real person. I've listened to his music since the early 70's and lived on a lot less than that. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll qualify.

    We love you, Leonard. (But I can't speak for others, only for myself) I always have.

    22/9/05 13:01  

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