Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hurricane Displaced Musicians, Poets - Housing Near Boulder NOW

A great musician near Boulder, Colorado has a great idea. He has arranged with the city to help New Orleans musicians displaced by Hurricane Katrina and the consequent flood. Free housing, subsidised rent, low low home loans in a great part of the country with a vibrant music scene within an hour of Denver. WE WANT YOUR MUSE! No one has yet taken him up on it, but locating low-income musicians from NOLA may take some doing. These are not likely to be your typical net-heads, or even able to keep up with their long-distance phone bill in the best of times (little sister to anti-pop musician, so I know). If you know of anybody, please let me know and I will pass on his information. The offer is open to other than musicians. Poets? Erin Bertram? Anybody? I believe the offer is extended until this friday only, so act now.


Blogger gingerivers said...

It is a shame this has not been broadcast over radio and media, if it hasn't. Do you know if this was tried?

22/9/05 09:31  

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