Monday, September 19, 2005

Ernesto Priego's Cities

had to
learn to pronounce

under the
influence of your

It was
all drunken walking,

love or
sadness or booze,

always drunk,
always surrounded by

beauty of
the living and

dead. Ghosts
slept with me

tiny rooms
surrounded by children,

your trees
and your snow

. . .
Read the rest and "The Seventh City" at Never Neutral and check out the rest of the suite of stunning poems, each city built out of love and hay(na)ku bricks.


Blogger gingerivers said...

These are wonderful, I'm reading them again.

19/9/05 17:54  
Blogger Turquoise said...

Totally inspiring. I going to take them into my poetry workshop and share!

I love your blog by the way. I've b-rolled you by the way.

19/9/05 19:20  
Blogger Ernesto said...

Gee, thanks! I was inspired by Lorna's abecedarian hay(na)ku suite, and following NOLA's tragedy and a personal recovery period (I have been trying to sort out photographs from my past) I was moved to write this series on cities that I have visited awake and revisited constantly in dreams.

I am honored by your comments. Thank you, really.

19/9/05 20:17  
Blogger gingerivers said...

I'm going to choose Kopenhavan, in Denmark and try to write in the hay(na)ku form. I spent several days there as a bride. We visited a lot of the city and traveled north by train to see Louisiana, the modern art museum on the New Zealand coast. Saw Alexander Caulder's incredible mobils there.

20/9/05 05:41  
Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

I find so many of Ernesto's poems breathtaking, and I've never used that phrase before but it fits, I breathe in deep for the "AH!" awe of awesome poetry when you catch it in the act — of becoming, becoming a part of this person, here, right now, you, in the reading. No? Interesting how this act of mass inspiration takes place here in the poetry-place of Blogville. I find.

20/9/05 12:40  

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