Thursday, September 15, 2005

Caught Something From the Net: The Screaming Memes 5x7

Seven Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

1. Save the world with CHAYA!
2. learn to play the saxophone after age 60 (to rejuvenate my synapses)
3. perform with my brother's band & be the poet quartet to a jazz trio (yeah)
4. write a novel
5. see my movie, Pigmeat: The Life and Times of Memphis Minnie, up on the screen produced by Oprah
6. reconnect with Kelly Jo Dougall
7. do it

Seven Things I Can Do:

1. introduce the world to chaya!
2. cook! gourmet to crosscultural hobo cuisine
3. get a perfect score at Brainbuster (defunct egghead trivia)
4. judge good poetry
5. conjour all kinds of lusty answers to that one
6. and do it every day
7. every job there is to do in a print shop

Seven Things I Cannot Do:

1. tell a lie
2. whistle like my granma
3. remember anything much less a poem
4. drive
5. speak to the dead
6. watch Extreme Makeover - Home Edition without going through 6 tissues
7. go to the movies by myself

Seven Things That Attract Me

1. good mind
2. good character
3. gentleness (SHY!)
4. makes me feel like I was born to make him laugh
5. PONYTAIL!!!!!
6. brainy ectomorphs sexually attracted to me with all of the above
7. Purely Prurient: highly sexed guys who look like this
(that last was for Eduardo) (yeah, sure - see 7.3.1.)

Seven Celebrity Crushes:

1. Sherman!!!!!!
2. Michael Moore (I hope I never meet him)
3. Edward James Olmos in a ponytail
4. Lou Diamond Phillps in a ponytail
5. anyone raptine: eaglet looking Jerzy Kozinsky if he was living
6. that dark-haired lawyer guy on OC with the eyebrows (see #5: raptine)
7. Johnny Depp in a ponytail

confessional: extra bonus points
Woody Allen from age 15 until he went for an age 15er

(see 7.4.7. again just for the halibut) (see 7.1.7., 7.2.5., 7.2.6, 7.7.6.)
ha men


Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Oops, left out
7 Things I Always Say

1. Hey! (as greeting)
2. Sure!
3. Ya wanna?
4. See how they are!
5. Learn something everyday.
6. I love you.
7. Uh, what was I saying?
7. Monkey Man!
7. Uh, what was I saying?

16/9/05 00:05  
Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

7. Uh, I lost my train of thought.
(my students will laugh at that one)

16/9/05 01:35  
Blogger Pris said...

I can't whistle, either, and Johnny Depp in a pony tail, YES! Did you see Chocolat?

I'd like to meet Michael Moore to see if he talks like he writes:-)

16/9/05 13:49  

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