Friday, July 22, 2005

My Secret Crush Is Not Sherman. . .

but Sherman
Danger & The Way Back Machine
True Confessions of A Young Dog Genius
Searching For Her Pet Boy

for while po-po mo-mos were identifying
with hero-solvers of the New Millenia
some of us, brown dogs, were reconciling
having all the attributes of a "Mexican Spitfire"
Lolita while sounding like Mr. Peabody
What Every Dog Genius Needs
What Every Young Dog Genius Needs

For more "dorky intellectual hootchiness" go here and here.
I'm having WAY too much fun with this. Let's see: rc shirtless in short jean cut-offs digging a fence hole ala Robert Frost.

AND, Eduardo Corral can play now, too. Once Asleep Inside An Old Guitar now just another LorcaLoca. I suggested the completed manuscript strategically placed. . . (whee!)

And, come to think of it, why was Sherman always in shorts? One sure way to warp astute feminine minds, if you ask me - y sí lornadice!

P.S. Posers for a good cause (for a change) if you have glasses, please, wear them. Please. ((sigh))


Blogger jenni said...

I'll make sure Jack wears his glasses...

22/7/05 14:22  
Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Will the real Sherman please stand up, uh, with or without underwear. . .

get the real meat in my comment today, July 28, on poet, Stuart Greenhouse's blog, the world, a letter.

And, follow the links to support a good cause & an even better idea. (I remember Pris's calendar as I collected all things small press & poetry from a very young age. I was too young (read: poor) to own one, but I remember seeing it and debating it in my pre-NOW women's lib team.)

28/7/05 14:29  

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