Thursday, July 21, 2005

Why Does My Dream Self

always have to be so much more interesting than my Real Self? "Real" being a certified registered trademark for fake cheese.

hey, I did practice yoga daily for 24 years from the time I was 11
which has everything to do with not boring my Muse
or so I would hope

"Shine shoes, shine shoes. . ." all ya gotta do is shine shoes.

"You Kant
always get what you want. . ."


Blogger A. D. said...

A sophomoric poem from many years ago contained these initial lines:

Will you share one thing with me?
Why must I dream and never be?
Never doing, but nevertheless
Often in unconsciousness.
Why do I wish and fantasize
Of things I will not realize?

Your post brought back these lines and a smile.

. . .
not boring my Muse
shine shoes, shine shoes
shine shoes you Kant
always get what you want

21/7/05 22:08  

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