Wednesday, September 14, 2005

"People Should Pray With Their Eyes Open" — E. Ethelbert Miller

"Out of all of this, love endures, and we must continue to love our neighbor as well as the stranger, who knocks on the door asking for shelter from the storm."

~ E Ethelbert Miller at E-Notes, a great blog by a great poet. Good observations, good info.; like how the NO Main Library came out unscathed, main archives, city & parish records for 19th-20th century dry and safe, despite being down in the basement 18 feet below sea level. Main librarian says, "Now I do believe in miracles."

Good news for me. I was planning a long-delayed trip to NO this winter on my sabbatical to research Memphis Minnie (raised in Algiers, also dry, schooled there until race riots burned them out and burned the system of public schools there around 1906). Good news for blues, jazz scholars, in general.


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