Thursday, September 15, 2005

Help NOLA Poet - John Litzenberg Flooded-Out - "We've lost everything except each other"

Poet & Radical Druid may need our help. He recently moved to New Orleans, was able to evacuate, but his house is under water and he may have lost everything — whatever that might be for a countercutural poet: a life's worth of work — after life, priceless.


Blogger John Litzenberg said...

Thank you so much for your concern and kind words.

We have relocated (at least temporarily) to northern Louisiana, and are attempting to restore some kind of normalcy to our lives. At least my job was able to replace my computer, so now I can work and also communicate online.

You're right about the loss. Hundreds of books, notebooks, notes; musical instruments; recordings; art supplies; paintings and drawings; photographs; names and addresses. The magnitude is almost beyond comprehension, at least at this point. One thing that keeps us going is repeating two different mantras, and hopefully internalizing them to some degree - "Things happen for a reason" and "It's just stuff, right?".

We are, however, going to be OK. There are more poems, songs and art in us. A lot of my work, anyway, is preserved in online journals. We are rebuilding our lives, if not our home in New Orleans. At this point, we can't even go back to see how bad it is. I'm not sure I want to.

Thanks again for thinking of us. That in itself is a big thing, and means a great deal.

22/9/05 19:56  

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