Wednesday, September 14, 2005

'For God's Sake, Shut Up And Send Us Somebody!' - Mark Fiore's Mardi Gras of Disaster

Mark Fiore's "Whoopsi Gras: The Carnival of Ineptitude care of The World's Smartest Woman en una Hermanastra Lejana.
And, if after that cartoon you find you need a laugh, check out Foamy's Hurricane Report by Ill Will Press & brought to you via The World's Smartest Astrologer, Kramer Wetzell at Xenon, his ten year old blog and one of the first I ever read daily.
*Caution: DO NOT OPEN AT WORK unless you have headphones. Foamy is a squirrel made rabid by human doings. Makes my 10-year old laugh. Me, too. "Get off your F***** ***** ******* ****** A******s and help!"

Then get yourself an astro report, see what last month's saturn jog has in store for you for cheaper than a good meal in a restaurant. Me? I'm all for mind over matter. And, never underestimate the power of the elements. I use the astro-casts to chart my work habits, uh, and snag a snag. Never underestimate the power of positive good thunkin.

Now, do it. Whatever it is. You have nothing to lose but depression.


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