Sunday, September 18, 2005

Share the Love - Tell Us Your Story

a comment yesterday at a Lit Window Pane
"At 1:02 PM, Rebecca Loudon said...

No, no, darling Suzanne, we must keep writing about babies and attics and poems and gardens and the way the air feels right before a storm because the job of the living is to keep living, is to continue. We all ache, we all ache so deeply but it is our job to continue, to breathe life into what is around us, to see beauty everywhere, to love."

And, right before Katrina hit, Sherman, uh, Stuart in A World, A Letter was telling us about how he and Dara met, a sweet story involving dorks & wise girls. He promised to tell us about AP english. I'm sure he probably feels it seems silly in light of more serious concerns right now. But, no. YES, Stuart, please tell us. You have no idea how comforting it was to read your little story of true love in the midst of so many stories of neglect and destruction from Katrina. Please, all, tell us your true love tale: tell us how you met. Lull us with lengthy lines about cleaving, or short to-the-point synopses of stories you tell each other over and over. We need to hear them. We need to tell them. Besides, poets are nosy.
Next: We play, "Tell me your line."


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