Friday, October 07, 2005

Lorna Dee Cervantes #26 of 100 Blogging Poets In 100 Days From Billy the Blogging Poet

I always click on Blogging Poets, "Poetasaurus", to see who just updated & to find new blogs -- as I still have no clue as to how blog "rolls" and "feeds" work. I just type, and click on yours. Check out Billy's list of 100 to find your own new top 10. And, yes! Someday poets WILL NOT RULE Blogville! We'll just teach people how to love all night & play all day. And, how to talk about it. Talk about it. "Write your deditos off!" ~ Don Juan Matús to Carlos ~ Thanks, Billy! Honored to be on the list when El Coco Que Habla #2, himself, is number 2.


Blogger Billy Jones said...

Thanks Lorna,
Just so everyone knows, placement on my list is random and has nothing to do with the quality of one's work. I think all of you are great or I wouldn't add you to the list.

And yes, poets will not rule, we'll simply allow people to live and love as they are meant to do.

8/10/05 19:31  

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