Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Jetsam & Flotsam: Blog News from Tulum This Afternoon From Tales of The Blue

Out of the blue from Tales of the Blue in Tulum today:

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Okay, so you now know we are okay. the news is good for us but we should give you a report of the surrounding areas. Lets start north first and work our way down. We now have more information so we can give you a better update...

Cancun, this city did not fair well. Rumor has it that the ocean met the lagoon in the hotel zone so the this area turned into ocean....if the water dried as fast as Playa Del Carmen, this situation is probably not true anymore, but we an not get up there to check it out as the highway is closed to traffic. They may be opening it up today so we will get some more news. The airport is closed and should re-open on wednesday. The unfortunate thing is no flights are coming in. This is not good for us or those who wish to return to Mexico. Selma is on route back from New York but it seems she may have to enter the country a different way.

Puerto Morelos, 40 minutes south of Cancun, really has not done well. Most of the dramatic pictures come from here....We have lots of freinds here and we do worry, but again there is no way to contact them. We pray for them...once we have news we will let you know. Matt from Protec said that there are restaurants open there. I want to see for myself. I hope they are and I hoep all of our friends are fine.

Isla Mujeres. Oops, so much for starting north and working our way south. Isla is located off the tip of Cancun, and though we have not seen pictures the Island could be underwater, meaning lots of water went a shore and it will take time for it to drain. Once we have the update, we will pas it along.

Now as I sit here writing, I am listening to a woman at the internet cafe talk about her experience on Cozumel. Now, the tourists are being taken by helicopter from the Island to Tulum, yes our little town of Tulum. So what i just heard was, water up the people waists, no food, no water. But the military is removing people quickly and getting everyone safely onto dry land. This is not good news, but the great news is people are being taken care of and Mexico is moving fast....

Next, Playa Del Carmen. They are rocking. Electricity is bad in most places, water is running and people are happy. I think the prediction of a week for recovery is a good one. But that is not to say that others will need less time to get up and fully functioning. Java Joe´s was open and serving coffee. Got to love Ronnie and Joel. They dont miss a beat! Java was sourcing food, bread and suplies yesterday and they are open!!!

Puerto Adventuras got some damage again, same with Akumal and Tank ha Bay. The cenotes are up and running and people are diving in them today. Snorkelling will take a bit as the water levels are still too high, but diving yee ha!!!

Tulum is the hub....the town is packed and people are coming here for supplies, information and just to get out and about. I swear it is the little town that could....it is a haven for most.

So that is the update today. More tomorrow!

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