Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where In the World Is Lorna? SF Today - 13th Heretical Consumer Research Performance

I'll be performing poetry for the 13th Heretical Consumer Research Performance gathering today in San Francisco where Basquiat meets Baudrillard in the dump, Beuys meets the Fortune 500 on the run and Frida will not appear this afternoon for lunch at noon at the B Restaurant, upper terrace of the Yerba Buena Gardens on Howard across from her inimitable much imitated display. It will be a heretical happening. (What ever will I wear?)

Actually, this is a very exciting happening. I'm worried because I'm having trouble with my ankle which I badly sprained last month. The tendon seem to be popping - or something - with excruciating pain and an inability to walk. I'm hoping it will be okay by then.

For their 14th, they ought to invite the found puppet genius, Liebe Wetzel and her Lunatique Fantastique.


Blogger Lyle Daggett said...

The event sounds like huge fun. I guess it maybe already happened by now, by the time I'm writing this. (Late p.m. in midwest time zone.) Do let all of us inquiring minds know what attire you ultimately chose. (Certainly it must have been something heretical.)

Ouch about your ankle. I've sprained things several times over the years -- general advice from everywhere is to keep your foot (and ankle) elevated, up on a couch or footstool, etc., as much as possible, put ice on it if it gets swollen, put heat on it if it gets stiff. It will probably alternate between both.

Sprains heal slowly, they take like six weeks for the injury to heal, and the pain and soreness can last several more weeks after that, though gradually gets less. Ideally, you'll feel the ankle itching from time to time (a mild itching, might feel like it's beneath the skin a little), just now and then -- that generally means the sprain is healing.

Word verification is "gracce". Grace by with you, amiga.

22/10/08 21:18  

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