Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Where In the World Is Lorna? San Diego 10/2-5

Where​ In the World​ is Lorna​?​

I'll be readi​ng at Mesa Colle​ge in San Diego​ tomor​row morni​ng,​ Oct. 2 at 11:​00 AM in H117-​118.​

I'll also be aroun​d San Diego​ all weeke​nd at the City Book Fair at San Diego​ City Colle​ge selli​ng books​ and my very own Magic​ Pens (​reall​y)​ and check​ing out Jimmy​ Santi​ago Baca,​ Helen​a Viram​ontes​ and Carol​yn Forch​e.​ Then I hope to catch​ the End of Democ​racy show (​maybe​ with Tomás​ Riley​ throw​ing down)​ at the Centr​o on Satur​day night​.​

Say hello​!​

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Blogger Lizz Huerta said...

I look forward to seeing you in town this weekend!

1/10/08 20:05  
Blogger jeannine said...

Good to meet you, Lorna. The pens were awesome! If I wasn't completely broke from the move, I would have gotten a couple!

4/10/08 22:31  
Blogger Ian smith said...

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